Kids’ Corner: Helping Kids Conquer Stage Fright

December 18, 2014, Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines. Colorful, amazing costumes were displayed during the parade of cute little kids and teeners as part of Minds that Matter’s 10th Year Celebration. Of course, we dressed up our chubby cutie Dominic as Russell in the Disney movie Up, which some say, he really nailed the character. See his cute picture below (pardon my bragging for I am his proud mom..chuckles)..

Dominic as Russell

Do you know what makes us again really proud of our son and his school? It is that sense of acceptance, that whatever your child looks like, how good or not he acts, dances, sings on stage, do not matter. Minds that Matter let their every student perform, they let each student shine, that is the most important. Just to stand in front of the crowd needs a lot of confidence. So, hurray to all the students for a job well done. And to all the teachers who gave their best performance for the said event.

Dominic with Teacher Amy

Dominic with his Teacher Jaster

Dominic with his classmates and Teacher Mia

I have nothing against with other school, it’s just that I am proud of what our son becomes in the short span of almost 2 years in Minds that Matter. He gains confidence, conquers stage fright and learns how to deal with his co-performers with courtesy.

Up on stage

Even in out of school events like parties and the like, we don’t have to force Dominic to join in games. Just recently he made an impromptu performance with a mob of dancers from SM City Naga. We were so happy to see him danced with great dancers of SM City Naga.

We are thankful to Minds for giving proper and balanced education to our son. Happy 10th year Minds that Matter! May you have more successful years to come. ;)

Benefits of Engaging in a Translation Services

While watching the news, I found myself in awe because there are more reports featured in other countries but of course reported in their own language. I may somehow understand the content thru the slides of photos and videos presented, but it is better to know what’s the context of the report. A friend from the beautiful land in London shared to me what translation companies have to offer.

 Nowadays, to learn more about everything, is to know what’s the meaning of everything. Yes, and to understand what’s the meaning of a word in foreign language needs an assistance of translations services. Over the net, there a lot of companies offering this kind of services and to tell you frankly, this really aids well in building a stronger communication relationship with other persons of different nationality.

After engaging in translation companies, you will find yourself well-versed with words that you once hardly understand. If your business or line of work requires international relationship, this service is really of big help. There are other countries who values their national language, so you are really constrained in learning their language so as to transact with them. But, worry no more, communicate like a pro and have unknown words be translated. 

Have Your Holiday Cards Printed by Minted

Christmas is a time of giving, of sharing. What item can you give that is meaningful and for keeps? A holiday card is one of the top choices. Although most greetings are received over the net thru social media, it is very touching to receive greeting in a conventional manner, delivered thru mail.

While I was browsing the net I found this site Minted.  I became interested in their holiday cards.  Anything about customized printing cards, invitations and the likes are specialized by Minted. They have wide array of designs that will also catch your very selective choice when it comes to holiday card printouts.

If I were to receive and give a card this yuletide season, I prefer to have this Complete Tree card that has a collage of photos forming a Christmas tree with a heart on top of it.  I like it because in the cover, I believe that above everything that we do, we should always have a heart for others, for others will love us in return.

Complete Tree

The next one that I like is this Amazing Comic Book holiday card.  Since we love Marvel movies, and during our early years collecting of comic magazines is one of the favorite hobbies. Seeing this card, brings back happy childhood memories.

Amazing Comic Book

With Minted, I learned that you can customize the design by adding your favorite photos and changing the color of the background of the text.  So as early today, I already know what to give to my loved ones wherever they are in the world. I should start looking and choosing my most loved photos to be printed on my holiday cards. Happy holidays!!!

I am a proud BestWorlder!!!

I already encountered several product presentations, each showcasing what’s the best on their product, and I may say that I only said “YES! I AM WILLING TO JOIN…”, only to Best World Lifestyle (BWL) company.  Do you know why?  It is because I have seen several posts on a social network regarding this product and have been invited to buy and eventually join a team of Bestworlder before.  But, it is only with Team GENESIS (Camarines Sur Chapter) that I decided to be a part of their fast-growing family.

My first move when I joined their team is to buy a Starter Package which I only paid Php. 1,800.00  for a box of Plum Delite (one of their famous products) costing Php. 1,200.00 plus membership fee of Php. 600.00.  And when I persuaded 6 potential customers I upgraded my application to Builder Package.  What is a Builder Package? It is a package amounting to Php. 7,800.00 which consists of 6 boxes of plum or any combination products with 3 RU plus the membership of Php. 600.00. And the last type of package which I am trying to achieve right now is the Silver Stockist.  In this type, an applicant can get 30 boxes of plum delite or any other products at cost which is Php. 1,050.00 each.

Most of my sold products are boxes of Plum delite.  What is a Plum Delite?  It is best for colon cleansing with a very good side effect of slimming its user.  My husband and I are users too.  And we can say that we now have a solution to our disturbed and stressed stomach which leads to irregular bowel movement. 


some of BWL’s Amazing Products

They have a lot of products to choose from, from Inner to outer harmony.  If you guys are interested on our offered products please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you. 

Changing The Resolution Of A Video

The resolution of a video is usually expressed in width × height and the value is given in pixels. There are two particular types of resolutions: the Standard Definition (SD) and the High Definition (HD). For video, the mostly used resolutions are 640×360 & 640×480 and for DVD it is 720×480 & 720×576. HD videos have a resolution of 1280×720 (720p) and in some cases1920×1080(1080p) which is known as Full HD.

The main reasons for changing the resolution of the video or the Video size are to make it more compatible with the device that is going to play the video. The other reasons are that when you change the resolution, you can also make the quality of the video image better. Movavi is the best converter you could get to perform this job as it is easy to use and very fast.

Steps to follow:

  1. Install the Movavi Video Converter by downloading it from the website of Movavi. Run the download.exe file that comes along with the software and you will see that the software is installed. You will have to follow a few instructions from the Installation wizard.
  2. Add the video to you want to change to the program by clicking on the ADD Video option that lies on the upper left corner of the window. In the new window that pops up select as many videos you want to change. You can even add a DVD by selecting the ADD DVD button.
  3. Choose the format that you want the video in. there are many available formats in the drop down menu. Click on the More Presets option and choose the video format you want. It can be anything like AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV,MP4, etc. you can choose the resolution now, or later. PSP, iPOD, iPAD and iPHONE have their own formats and these are also available on Movavi.
  4. Specify the resolution of your video but you can skip this step if you have selected a format on the last step. There will be a settings button right next to the list of conversions. There will be a drop box on frame sizes. You can choose one from there to specify the resolution or hit on the Custom button to input the resolution you want. After applying the changes, click on OK. Always preview to know how your video will look after converting.
  5. Now, convert the video. Before this, select the place where you want your video to go as the Movavi converter will otherwise automatically save it to the C drive of your computer. Click on the Browse button that is just next to the field of Destination and choose the folder you want the video in. click on OK. Now click on the Convert button and your work here is done.

Goldilocks Bakeshop has a Free Decorate Your Cake (DYC) Kit this October

Goldilocks, one of the leading bakeshops in the Philippines, is giving away free Decorate Your Cake (DYC) Kit this October 2014.  Yes, it is true, I bought one round cake at their shop yesterday and to my surprise a DYC was given to me.  And during that moment I already pictured in my mind the happy face of my 4-year-old son who will definitely be the recipient of this DYC because he loves cake, what more if he can decorate one for himself.  And I was true.  Below are the happy photos of my son while he was decoration his cake.

This is the Goldilocks Decorate Your Cake (DYC) Kit.  A box of DYC contains 1 plastic cake slicer which serve as the spatula, 1 pack of icing and 1 pack of colorful designs of chocolates and sugar candy.  

Goldilocks Decorate Your Cake Kit

My son was so excited upon seeing the DYC Kit.  And he gave that thumbs up pose for his picture taking.  

Dominic loves Goldilocks DYC

Here are the 3 simple steps: 1. cover the cake with icing, 2. flatten the icing using the cake slicer, 3. put onto the top of the icing the decorative edible chocolates and candies.

Steps in Decorating the Cake

Buy round cakes to any Goldilocks outlets for a Decorate Your Cake (DYC) Kit.  Hurry this promo is only good until October 2014.  And have your kids enjoy decorating cakes like what Dominic did.  See his smile, your kids will definitely wear that kind of smile too.. 

Happy for his finished product

Look Fab on Halloween with Tidebuy Lolita Dress

Halloween is one of the most anticipated event in the month of October.  Kids wear their most creepy costumes to frighten spectators and ask for goodies.  But what about us adults, it is very awkward for us to be wearing the same costume as what kids wear.  Unless we are required to wear one, we don’t have to look too scary and forget about our fashion statement.

It is much easier to find what we want over the net.  Gladly I found a site which shows wide array of products from outfits to bedding, the Tidebuy.  For Halloween, Tidebuy has a great selection of Lolita dresses for ladies to choose from. Below is a Black Polyester Square Short Sleeve Tidebuy Sweet Lolita Dress, it has black pumpkin designs with red background. Pumpkin is one popular symbol for Halloween. We can wear this kind of dress and be in style for the event and at the same time avoid that awkward feeling of wearing creepy costumes. 

Black Polyester Square Short Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress


During Halloween the theme Black and White is very much in demand.  Lolita dress has the right attire for you.  Below is a diamond designed dress with a large bow on the hips.  This Black Cotton Square Sleeveless Tidebuy Classic Lolita Dress looks classy and vintage.  You can wear this during Halloween dinner parties where live bands are playing classical music and you are sipping a champagne after a sumptuous meal was served.  

Black Cotton Square Sleeveless Classic Lolita Dress


You too can achieve a fabulous Halloween look.  You don’t have to exhaust yourself over heavy traffic jams just to find outfits in busy malls, just a few clicks on your mouse and enjoy shopping online.

Kids Eat Free at Bigg’s Diner

Bigg’s diner has always prove itself to be one of Bicol’s child-friendliest stores. Good news for all parents and kids out there, Bigg’s launched its child-friendly promotion ‘Kids get a free meal!’. I’ve seen many flyers spread all over Naga City saying that a child gets a free meal at Bigg’s, so we visited one of its outlets. And true enough, my son enjoyed his meal. We let him choose over a variety of meals from Kid’s Power Meals, and he chose the ‘Thunder Steak’. He was attracted by the decoration on his dish which seems to look like a face made out of nutritious vegetables.

For a minimum food purchase of P 350.00 single receipt order, your kid can have his meal for free. Let your kid choose one (1) from the ‘kid’s power meal’ but drinks are not included, as long as your kid is 10 years old and below. This promotion is only valid for dine-in at any Bigg’s outlet for a period of July 11 to September 30, 2014. And just like other promos from other food chains, this promo is not valid with any other promotion or discount.


As a Bicolano, I am proud of what Bigg’s Diner has achieved over the years. Maintaining the taste and quality of foods since 1983 makes Bigg’s Diner as one of Bicolanos’ favorite food chains. They value the importance of family especially by children, that is why every 31st of October they hold the annual ‘Shocktober’, which showcase the child’s ability to interact with people by dressing up in his favorite Halloween, Superhero or whatever costume that is appropriate for every year’s theme.

Now, as part of their appreciation to their costumer’s continuous patronage on them, they want every child to enjoy their stay at Bigg’s Diner by giving them free meal. So parents, bring along with you your kids and let them experience good food from Bigg’s Diner.

Happy 33rd Birthday Nanie!!! (The Red Pen)

I met this handsome birthday boy during our High School years. We were on the same school, of same year level but of different section. During our 3rd year in H/S, we are obliged to bring everyday a RED BALLPEN  for our English Class. I just can’t remember why are we bringing a red pen every single school days. Please help me recall my reader batch mates. LOL. And every time I forgot to bring with me my red pen, what I did is to go to the next classroom and borrow one on the handsome guy seated near the door. And the same borrowing and lending of red pen situation happened for several times, and guess what, we didn’t get the chance to exchange thoughts other  than the red pen topic until we reached our 4th year wherein officially we became classmates and the rest is history.

Thank you red pen, I bumped in to the man whom I will love for the rest of my life. Dominic and I love you very much Nanie.. Happy 33rd Birthday Nanie!!! Let’s paint the town RED!!! Cheers!!!

I am a big fan of Ms. Angel Locsin

I am a big fan of Ms. Angel Locsin. I make it a point wherein I can watch her teleserye The Legal Wife at ABS-CBN every night. Her good acting skills make me one of her avid fans. Her role as the legal wife of Jericho Rosales is very heart-melting. The way she acts and delivers her lines is so realistic and you can feel the intensity in her voice as if she has been in this kind of situation before. When tears pour in her eyes when she found out that her best friend played by Maja Salvador has an affair with her husband, Rosales, I pity her. Haha.. I’m so hooked up with this drama series. 

Angel Locsin’s personality behind the camera is what admires me most. When people are in need, Angel has a very big heart for them. She is very willing to share what she have for the less fortunate. And if possible, she wants her acts of helping others to be private. I heard she had her vintage car put into auction just to give the proceeds to the typhoon victims. What a very heroic act for a superstar actress.

Now that she and Luis Manzano are together again, I just hope that their relationship will last for a lifetime. (as if me and angel are very close…hahaha) Anyway, I know Angel Locsin will stay in the showbiz industry for a long time, her personality is undeniable awesome.

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