Kids’ Corner: Bedtime Stories

Bedtime story telling is usually done by mothers to their kids, in our family’s case, the father will take part some of the story telling nights. Before going to bed, my son will get some of his books and me or his father read it aloud for him. What we do in some of the books, we let our son read it first in the manner that he wants it and later we will just explain and correct some mispronounced words. He is only 5 years old and it is still acceptable if does not pronounce some of the words correctly. All we have to do as parents is to guide and teach them.

Father and son

Reading books take them into new worlds, new adventures. My son sometimes re-enact what is in the book. He role plays. He transformed into a superhero, a cute animal and a man of different profession depending on the story. By this acts, we knew that he loved the story and absorbed whatever values that was taught in it.

Parents should devote some of their precious time reading stories for their kids. This will be a very intellectual way of bonding with your children and at the same time, you will help them nurture the knowledge that they have. May it be night or day, if your kids ask you to read stories during your idle time, never hesitate to read one for them.

Home Tips: Kill Cockroaches Using Joy Dishwashing Liquid

If you find yourself screaming because of cockroaches, better read this post of mine. I really hate crawling insects especially cockroaches, our first move is to stamped the cockroach with our feet leaving marks of slimy substance from the squashed body of it to our footwear and floor. It is really so disgusting to smell the stinky odor emitted by the smashed cockroach. And take note the bacteria from that insect will be transferred to different parts of the house once you start walking because you used your footwear in smashing the cockroach. Oh, what can we do to avoid the spread?

Since I really want to get rid of these cockroaches without feeling so yucky, I discovered that I can use Joy Dishwashing Liquid in killing these insects. How? We’ll I saw a container spray with diluted joy in it at our bathroom, it is a mixture of half of the content of small sachet of Joy or the Php 5.00 sachet and water if your container is that big (see above photo). It is less costly, isn’t it? We used this as a ready-made cleaning solution aside from the real bathroom cleaning solution that we have. Then suddenly a cockroach appeared in the bathroom, and panicking I grabbed the container spray with joy solution and sprayed it I think 3 times directly on the cockroach body. And to my surprise, I saw the effect on the cockroach’s body, it was stunned and paralyzed then after a few seconds it died. That moment I feel triumphant, I defeated the insect without putting so much effort. And the good thing is that, I did not use my slippers or anything to smash it. The bacteria were not spread.  And using the spray, you can aim your target even from hard to reach corners and high ceilings.

I can’t avoid these unexpected visitors into our house, because these insects have developed their intelligence into something worthwhile for their own sake, because they ran into open doors just to get in or look for slightly opened windows and squeezed their body just to fit in. hahaha!!! Admit it guys, you have cockroaches in your houses, what better solution do you have to terminate these creepy crawlers? If you want, you can try my home tips. (wink..wink..)

By the way, I am not affiliated with Joy Dishwashing Liquid. Perhaps the other dishwashing liquid has the same effect as of Joy’s. I haven’t tried it yet because we are using Joy in our household. And I am not questioning the integrity of any Insect Spray because we also maintain one for our usage. One more thing, we usually buy the kalamansi scent.  ;)

Free Champ Towel From MILO

Summer heat brings a lot of sweat! And here is what MILO has to offer for this summer season, for every 1 kilogram of Nestle MILO, you will get a Champ Towel for free. This is part of their Choose Wellness program wherein they value nutrition more. MILO energizes our mind and body and it has Actigen-E. And now Nestle is giving extra gram in some of their products and freebies in some. For MILO tonic food drink, you can collect 3 designs of Champ Towel. There is basketball, volleyball and football designs of towel. A box is composed of 1 kg Milo and 1 Champ Towel shrunk and shaped like a ball. The ball will turn into a towel when soaked into water.

Free Towel Champ from MILO

Free for every 1 kg of MILO

The Champ Towel

And since my son is quite chubby who really sweat a lot, I think we will buy more of these and collect all designs. MILO has been our chocolate drink since I was young. And until now, I still love the taste. I just put 3 to 4 heaps of MILO in my cup with hot water and then I enjoy every sip of it. My son asks for a warm MILO chocolate drink every single morning and he usually requests to have a taste of it first before pouring the water.

We had MILO years before and we still enjoy it until now. Nestle MILO is celebrating its 50 years Building Champions. More athletes were featured in MILO advertisements as shown on TV and also on the packaging, thus giving inspiration to future sports aspirants. Years may passed, athletes featured changed, MILO will remain as one of the country’s favorite chocolate drinks. Kids love it and so as adults.

Must-Try: Lotte Almond Pepero

Addicted to Korean Drama? I am pretty sure that you will also be addicted to Korea’s No. 1 Brand LOTTE PEPERO. Crispy Biscuit Stick coated with chocolate. Aside from the original flavor, PEPERO has several flavors such as almond, strawberry, cookies n’ cream and peanut which will definitely add to the heavenly taste of it. A box of PEPERO consists 8 individual small boxes with approximately 8 to 10 sticks. Small boxes of PEPERO if come from the big box should not be for retail which is explicitly indicated in the box. But PEPERO has also individual packages that are intended for retail, they are of the same size as to the small boxes from the big box. As to the price, it is quite reasonable considering the delectable taste of every stick.


8 individual boxes in a big box

Good thing that my husband brought us a box of LOTTE ALMOND PEPERO. And you know what, my son who hates eating chocolates with nuts and almonds, suddenly craved for more sticks. By the way, since there are persons who are allergy-prone, PEPERO listed the contents that might trigger allergy in the body and it will be found at the back label of the box. For those who are looking for PEPERO products, we saw individual boxes sold for retail in malls.

Grab a stick of PEPERO and you will definitely crave for the whole box.

Prom Night Preparations

The Promenade is the highlight of High School life aside of course from graduation which is considered to be the ultimate goal of every student. Boys will start looking for potential prom dates. And girls will start hoping that their crushes will ask them to be their dates. Oh, how romantic it is to see young couples dance on the dance floor. Their innocent giggling smiles radiate as they dance the night off.

What preparations did they do before that big event? Boys with the assistance of their parents and friends look for formal outfit, a formal suit is the usual pick. They go to their favorite salon and barber shop for haircut. During prom night, some boys prepare a token for their dates, a bouquet of fresh flowers is the best choice. But what about for the Girls? Girls prepare their prom night whole-heartedly. First, they have to choose the perfect party dresses for the night. Looking for a prom dress is not easy. The design will vary on the shape of the body, the complexion of the skin and also of the height of the girls. Chubby girls should wear prom dress that could somehow conceal their excess curves. Dark colored gowns will aide in concealing imperfect curves and will make girls look thinner. Skinny girls should avoid wearing gowns that are very revealing. It is okay to show off some skin but of course try to cover the part where the bones are very evident. Sexy girls don’t have much trouble on choosing the right prom dress. But they should also consider the limitations of being sexy. Wear dress that boost sexiness but it should not compromise decency

Now that you already have an idea of what to wear, all you have to do is look for the proper dress. Many go to malls and boutiques. But to some who value more their time, shopping at online shops is the right thing to do. You can save time and spare yourself from the hustle of driving in a busy street just to reach the malls.

Here I found an elegant prom dress at Weprom Dress an online shop.

Dream Pear-Shaped|Hourglass|Petite Lace-up Belt|Brooch|Beading Empire Sleeveless Sweetheart|Strapless party dresses

The design is very elegant and the color is very soothing in the eyes. The design underneath is exquisite and very detailed. Girls will look best wearing this prom dress. I am very sure if a girl will wear this on her prom night, she will be one of the candidates for Star of the Night, a beauty contest during prom.

Glam and style during prom night because this kind of event will definitely be a part of your memorable life in High School. Be happy and enjoy life to the fullest!

Must-Have: Beautiful Cocktail Dresses

A lady’s closet is one of the most interesting closets to dig into. There are many things that can be found, mostly essential for girls but of less importance for boys. It is true that a girl would want to have assorted pairs of bows and ribbons to style her hair or would want different pairs of shoes and of different designs. And what makes a closet more attractive to look at is the parade of beautiful dresses arranged according to colors, arranged according to length.

Ladies love to shop of what is new in style. They love to hop from one boutique to another, from shopping malls to department stores just to look for the latest trend in fashion. And usually they pick cocktail dresses.

Cocktail dress is a must-have dress in the closet. You will feel secured not being over-dressed and under-dressed when wearing cocktail dresses. The design and color will depend on the time and theme of the event. Pastel colored dresses are applicable during daytime gatherings. The bright rays of the sun compliment light-colored dress. At night time, dark-colored, sophisticated designs of dresses are worn. Bold accessories like jewelries and bags will best match dark-colored dresses.

You can now look for suitable, chic designs of cocktail dresses over the net. Just a few click of the mouse, you will be mesmerized by colorful, beautiful cocktail dresses presented on the online shops. Like what I found in dressstreet, an online shop (see pictures below),

Cocktail Dress

The dress above is very elegantly designed and cut. Perfect to be worn during parties at night. You will look simple yet glamorous wearing this kind of wardrobe. Better help yourself in finding what design suits you best. It is a must to have cocktail dresses on your wardrobe to be ever prepared on attending unexpected and unscheduled parties.

Happy 6th Anniversary Nanie: After All These Years

Most of my mornings, I would hear my boys singing ‘After All These Years’ by Journey. With his cellphone on his right hand, Nanie sings the song with feelings while Dominic sings it like a true rocker because he would position his hands as if he is strumming a guitar. This is the reason why every time I hear that song over the radio, I always remember this kind of setup.

It’s been six years when we exchanged vows. It is definitely not an easy six years. Of course we had our downs and lows. But what is important is that we surely had more of our ups and triumphs. And that makes our marriage more exciting.

The photo taken during our first dance on our JS Prom may fade but I can still remember the feeling of having him as my partner and that will never be erased. He was wearing the usual long sleeves with tie while I was dressed up with a gown that represents the Mother Nature, which was my role assignment for speech deliberation. This photo was taken 17 years ago. Actually, Dominic didn’t want me to place this photo of ours in this post because he said that we don’t look so good in the picture. Hahaha…

I just hope our wedding photographs will not fade soon as the song says because I still enjoy scanning our album from time to time.

Happy 6th Anniversary Nanie! I love you very much! <3 <3 <3

We love this song. Hope you’ll love it too. Sing-a-long with me.. ;)



By Journey

A faded wedding photograph
You and me in our first dance
Our eyes are closed
We’re lost in one sweet embrace
Since those days the world has changed
But our love remains the same
God knows we’ve had our share of saving grace

And I’m proud of all the blessings
You have given me
The mountains we have climbed to get this far
You’ve learned to take the laughter with the tears
After all these years

You make it feel brand new
After the fires that we walked through
Against the odds we never lost our faith

In our house we’ve made our home
Where our children all have grown
Precious moments time cannot erase

Make a living up and down the gypsy highways
Seasons that we’ve had to share apart
Somehow in my heart I always keep you near me
After all these years

After all these years
You stood by me
The days and nights that I was gone
After all these years
You sacrificed, believed in me
And you stood strong
Cause with our love there’s nothing left to fear
After all these years

After all these years
You stood by me
The days and nights that I was gone
After all these years
You’ve sacrificed, believed in me
And you stood strong
Cause with our love there’s nothing left to fear
After all these years

Must-Try: RITUALS Ancient Beauty

Have you ever tried RITUALS Ancient Beauty? If you haven’t tried it yet, better look for one. I guarantee you that the scent of this is very relaxing that will surely soothe your mind, body and senses. I received a set of Rituals Ancient Beauty which composed of four different products: 1. Yogi Flow (Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil) – it is a 1.6 Fl. Oz./ 50 ml foaming shower gel sensation and is made in Germany, 2. Brilliant Bliss (Indian Rose and Shikakai) – it is 2.3 Fl. Oz./70 ml nourishing ultra-shine shampoo and is made in The Netherlands, 3. Honey Touch (Indian Rose and Himalaya Honey) – it is a 2.3 Fl. Oz./70 ml rich and nourishing body cream and is made in Germany, 4. Himalaya Wisdom (Holy basil and organic fresh mint) – it is a 1.41 oz./40 g detox Himalaya scrub salt and is made in The Netherlands. You will enjoy to smell your hair and body because the scent is very inviting. And at night, because of Ritual’s calming scent, you can easily fall asleep thus leaving all the worries in life behind.

A relaxing full body massage is easily achieved if you have a set of these sumptuous products. For married couple, having an intimate massage with your partner can keep the fire glowing between them. A home massage is more private than from a massage parlor. They can even have a romantic dialog reminiscing good old time memories which will definitely strengthen their relationship.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy a relaxing massage using products of your choice but don’t forget to consider Rituals Ancient Beauty because you will never regret having bought one.

Domestic Violence: When the Love is Gone

Marriage is usually and should be contracted and signed with love. Every woman dreams of having a near perfect or perhaps a fairy-tale like married life. But in reality, it is very difficult to have one.

Domestic Violence is the most common problem of women around the globe. And the percentage of women experiencing this violence is increasing every year. This is one nightmare that should be immediately stopped.

I wonder how a husband can beat his fragile wife for any reason. At the time they get married, they promise to love and take care each other until eternity. It is true that a woman should submit herself wholly to her husband, but this does not mean that she will be treated cruelly. There is no reason why there are women who suffer from the hands of their husbands. Perhaps the love that once flourished, faded.

A typical woman only wants a simple and romantic marriage wherein her husband is always there to protect and love her. Along with it, her husband should build good relationship over her family because loving and respecting your in-laws are plus points in having a stable marriage. And all the other needs of a wife will be satisfied smoothly by her husband. Remember always that ‘A happy wife, is a happy life’.

But what will women do when they already suffered domestic violence from her husband. A woman should redeem herself from fall and stand up to defend herself if the going gets tough. Of course, you definitely do not want to see yourself confined in the hospital waiting for your bruises to heal or worst you don’t want to see yourself inside the coffin. And for the next couple of days assess yourself whether if you still want to stay in your marriage or be separated. Whatever you choose, there are consequences that come along with it. Better think a thousand times before arriving into a decision. What is important is that, never put yourself into a situation wherein you can no longer pull yourself from your own graveyard, and just be buried in there embracing all the violence thrown upon you.

Some women just tolerate what their husbands are doing on them because they are so afraid of what others will think of them. And what kind of future awaits the children if they will grow up in a broken family. Yes, it is hard to stand alone without your husband, but instill in your mind that you are not alone. You still have your family and friends who will support you in your lowest.

So, wake up and face the truth! There should be no place for domestic violence in this world. This should end NOW!!!

Download iWant TV app for Free

Other than Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Youtube, this is one of my favorite apps – the iWant TV. Yes, I am a true blooded ABS-CBN fanatic! Every teleserye of the Kapamilya network is worth-watching. Guess what, I can even stand without the existence of the other TV networks as long as ABS-CBN is visible in my TV screen. But, my timeframe of watching some of my favorite TV shows is quite limited. So, when I decided to download the iWant TV app, I got the chance to watch all ABS-CBN’s shows even not in real time. But they also have live streaming if you want to be very updated.


In iWant TV, even past shows can be watched, it is like reading back issues of your fave magazines. When you use the ABS-CBN mobile sim and download this iWant TV app, you can watch whatever show you want under the Kapamilya network and its sister stations. And all the past shows even from way back is available for viewing. Unlike, if you don’t use the ABS-CBN mobile sim and only use other broadband internet provider, your access to the app is very limited.

So, if you want to fully enjoy the app, insert the ABS-CBN mobile sim on your android phone then download iWant TV app for free. I assure you, if you also love ABS-CBN shows, you will also love iWant TV app.

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