Kids’ Corner: Dominic’s Kindergarten Year (Kinder I) at Minds That Matter

Just this morning I attended the orientation meeting for parents conducted by the school directress of Minds that Matter, Teacher Amy. It’s my son, Dominic’s 3rd year in preparatory in Minds that Matter. 1 more year he will be in his elementary years.

Last year I posted Dominic’s Nursery Life at Minds that Matter, now, I will relate to you what happened to Dom in his Kindergarten year (Kinder I). School year 2014-2015 has been a tough year for our son. He was introduced into new and challenging experience like speaking in front of the crowd, delivering his memorized poem. At the early age of 4, he was tasked to deliver a very long poem entitled ‘The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly’. At first glance, I was a bit nervous on how will our son manage to memorize a very long poem for a beginner. Perhaps, I understated my son’s capabilities, although he didn’t emerged as the winner, at least he finished the poem which is an achievement for a newbie in poetry recital.

Dominic’s Poetry Recital

Last year Minds celebrated their 10th anniversary. And as part of the celebration and Buwan Ng Wika celebration, the kids were dressed up into their favorite children costumes. And they were applauded for their magnificent presentations. I also made a write-up regarding that, Kids’ Corner: Helping Kids Conquer Stage Fright. We dressed up Dom as Rusell from the Disney movie Up. We were very pleased of our co-parents praises that the costume did match Dominic’s personality.

Dominic’s Rusell Costume

In academics, my husband and I were very happy that our son garnered an average of 89 to 90 for last school year, thus making him one of the Outstanding pupil in their class. So last graduation day, we had our chance to experience receiving an award for our son’s hardwork. Well done Dom!

Dominic’s Kinder I graduation

So far, our son is reading simple stories. He can also add numbers and is starting to master subtraction. He is only 5 years old, and I am very grateful to Minds for all the learnings and experiences he got. It will be a big bonus for our son’s educational journey to spend another year with Minds. I am pretty sure that when he enters grade school, he will be very equipped and ready to face a new chapter in his life. Thank you Minds that Matter and More power! Together, let’s make Dominic’s and the kids’ school year 2015-2016 a wonderful and fruitful one.

Next Destination: Que Pasa

Naga City lies at the heart of Bicolandia. It is now recognized as a pilgrim city because of the growing numbers of devotees who came from all over the world just to visit Our ‘Ina’, the Virgin of Penafrancia. Along with it, tourism flourished and restaurants sprouted like mushrooms from different parts of the city. And just recently, near the vicinity of Naga Metropolitan Cathedral, a new restaurant was opened. It is the Que Pasa, a Spanish word which means What’s Up or How’s it going, normally, a casual greeting between friends. As the name of the restaurant suggests, it will be a perfect place for catching up, getting along or just simply hanging out.

How to reach Que Pasa? From the historical Plazas of Quince Martires, Quezon and Rizal, you can reach Que Pasa by walking the streets of General Luna or Elias Angeles towards Naga Metropolitan Cathedral. When you reach the entrance of the Cathedral where the Porta Mariae stand, you can now see the resto.

Que Pasa

Side view of Que Pasa


The old parameter fence and the entrance of the Abella Family’s property were retained to have the Spanish look of the resto even from outside. And for those who wants to reach the place faster, tricycles and jeepneys are available just say the location.

How to Order in Que pasa? At the entrance a very accommodating receptionist will assist you.She will ask your name and write it in a durable paper placemat which will serve as your personalized plate. She will also instruct you on how to make your order.

the beautiful receptionist at Que Pasa with our son Dominic

And with the paper placemat, you proceed to the open bazaar of foods. The foods are prepared just in front of you. You can see how they grill the meat, how they dip it in the sauce and how they arrange the side dishes and rice.

The food counter on the left side and the cashier far behind

Here are the steps in making your meal: First, choose your meat. Choose among chicken, pork, baby back ribs and tuna. Second, choose your sauce. Here are the options, the que pasa, chili xocolate, cervesa negra and bicol. Third, choose your sides. There are laing, bicol express, pinangat, judias blancas, corn on a cab, grilled veggies, paprika mashed potatoes, tinutungan mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Fourth, choose your rice. Laing rice and pimenton garlic rice are available. But there are also plain rice and beans if you desired to have one.

the instruction on how to order your meal

After all the foods are set on your tray, you proceed to the counter and you can order the drinks that you want before paying. Then you can now find the best area in the resto where you can enjoy your meal.

How does Que Pasa look like? There is a big, open, high-covered hall that serves as the dining area. And a noticeably large name of the resto in neon light hang high above. The chairs and tables are arranged casually.

the hall

the 3 of us

At the entrance, Spanish designed wall and chandelier will amaze resto goers. You can have photo ops on the wall. By the way Que Pasa is open from 10 in the morning to 11 in the evening as seen on the blackboard in the photo below.


When it comes to the restrooms, the painted artwork of a man for men’s room and a woman for the ladies’ room indicates the gender to where you are going to enter. 

ladies’ room

mens’ rooms

Even the hallway towards the restrooms is beautifully designed. There is a large painting which shows the trade between Spain and the Philippines during the Spanish era. Colorful plates hang also on the wall which are very attractive to look at.

hallway towards the restrooms

I was also impressed to see a faucet with large barrels as sink and also the large circular mirror with electric light bulbs. 

washing area

Here are some of the decorations that we’ve seen at Que Pasa. Actually, the moment that my son saw the designs and decorations of the resto, he blurted out the film the Book of Life. We were very pleased that he associated and remembered it with the film. And I agree with him, some of the artworks were a bit similar to the film. Why can’t he forget it, he loves the film so much. I don’t have a photo of the cashier counter, the images on the mural of Maria and Manolo were recognized by my son. 

cabinet of jars and dolls

wall frame

on one of the walls

Que Pasa is really a wonderful place to go to. We went there at lunchtime. The summer heat affects a bit in the coziness of the place, although during our visit there, we can also feel the breeze of air from outside which somehow lessen the warm temperature. I think it is better if you come here by 6 o’clock in the evening, by that time, it will be a bit cooler. 

my family

We tried it. We saw it. We loved it. Visit Que Pasa!

Must-Try: Del Monte Pasta Sauce

As a mother, it is very important to learn how to cook pasta specially spaghetti for your kids. And not only that, you should know their tastes for pasta for them to like it. My son has a distinctive taste when it comes to food. He is actually my number 1 critic on the food that I cook. I just treat his reactions positively, I make it sure that I do it right next time.

I’ve tried several spaghetti sauce, and recently, Del Monte Pasta Sauce is my favorite. I already tried some of their flavors and so far, my taste buds love it. Here are some of the flavors that I used:

Del Monte Pasta Sauce Traditional – This is the original flavor. Some love their pasta sauce on its original taste. This one is for you.

Del Monte Pasta Sauce Traditional

Del Monte Pasta Sauce Italian Herb – This is the first one that we tried. We want our pasta the Italian way. And it is, our pasta tastes just what we want it. And in addition, this one has chunks of tomatoes.

Del Monte Pasta Sauce Italian Herb

Del Monte Pasta Sauce Four Cheese – Since kids love cheese, they will surely love this flavor. 

Del Monte Pasta Sauce Four Cheese

Del Monte Pasta Sauce Meat Flavored – This one really tastes meaty. And for those on diet who are avoiding meat to achieve their desired body, this one is for you. 

Del Monte Pasta Sauce Meat Flavored

If you are wondering whether the content of this can is full once opened, I will show you how it looks. Here it is:

Opened Can of Del Monte Pasta Sauce

The can is almost filled with rich tomato sauce. Isn’t it worth buying? There are still other flavors that are not mentioned in this post. Just visit your nearest supermarket and have your pasta taste like restaurant pasta. 

Disclosure: This post is not affiliated with Del Monte. And all the images above are owned by admin.

Kamilah’s Closet’s Mother’s Day Giveaway Winner

I seldom join online contests, and luckily last week, I was notified that I won one! Yehey! Lucky Me!

I saw Kamilah’s Closet’s Mother’s day Special contest early in May and I earnestly made my entry. For the prize, they were giving away a beautiful floral hand bag with sling. All you have to do then is to like their facebook page and post, and comment on the link thread. Since it’s all about tribute for moms, and my mom loves bag so much, I tagged her in my comment so that she can read how thankful I am to be her daughter. And I guess, Kamilah’s Closet felt my whole-hearted comment.

My mom and her bag

Below is the picture of my mom with the bag that I won for her. She can use it anywhere because the bag is simple and elegantly designed. And so dainty for my sweet mother.

If you like the bag as shown above, you can visit Kamilah’s Closet page. They have wide array of beautiful items that you will surely love.

How to Get Ombre Hair at Home



SASSY 4th (A Few of the Best Bridal Hairstyles)

Kids’ Corner: Why Do Kids Love Jollibee?

Ja-bi-bee… Ja-bee…

Kids at the age of 1 can now recognize things that they want. And when it comes to fast food chains, they usually utter first the name of Jollibee. They would say it like Ja-bi-bee or Ja-bee. Whatever manner they pronounce it, one thing is for sure, they love Jollibee first than any other food chains.

Why do kids love Jollibee? Maybe it is because of the striking color of red and yellow that attracts the joyful eyes of kids. Or the cute little black bow tie that infants love to pull whenever near Jollibee. Or maybe because of the very welcoming smile that enhances more the bees’ chubby cheeks. Whatever reason may it be, Jollibee remains on top in every Filipino child’s heart.

And when it comes to the foods that they offer, my 5-year-old son has his own favorites. He loves Jolly Spaghetti and Yum Burger. I usually request for additional sauce and extra cheese on my son’s spaghetti. Whenever he is eating his fave foods, you will be delighted of how he savors every bite.


Above is the picture of my son, Dominic, and Jollibee. I love this picture of them. You can easily feel the excitement in every child whenever Jollibee is around. Kids would rush towards Jollibee not to miss any chance of hugging and squeezing him.

Just Sharing: Our Experience on SM’s 3-day Sale

3-day Sale at selected SM Stores nationwide – SM City Naga is included in this big sale. The sale is for the period of May 15 to 17. And before May 15, we went to SM City Naga to get things that we want have them reserved for the 2-hour special shopping that gives additional 10% discount to those loyal customers who have SM Advantage card, SM Prestige Card and BDO Rewards Card. Just this morning of May 15, people rushed to SM to shop and avail of the 2-hour special discount. We were welcomed by slightly congested traffic and mammoth of shoppers. It was already 11:00 in the morning and only 1 hour was left for the 2-hour special which will end at exactly 12 noon. We were dismayed by the length of time that we spent falling in line, waiting for our turn in the cashier to pay our merchandise. We reached the counter at past 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We spent 3 hours of waiting to reach an approximately 12 to 15 meters distance from the counter. What a waste of time and effort. JUST SHARING!

I Caught A Heartthrob: Happy 34th Birthday Nanie!!!

I caught a heartthrob. And it is not easy to capture one. I guess it is just so rare to catch one.

Please give this moment to me my dear readers because it is my handsome husband’s 34th birthday. Pardon my flowery and extremely adoring words for my husband because he deserves to hear it on his special day.

HEARTTHROB – this highly fascinating descriptive word for a man was the one that I heard during my first years in High School. I don’t know who he was then, and not any chance did we meet then. Then we reached our Mid High School years, our paths crossed but I guess Cupid was sleeping then that he let us walked on separate ways. Years passed, friendship blossomed, and then I realized that the heartthrob that the girls adored before is really someone to adore to.

I’m sorry girls, I already caught him. And he is indeed a good catch. If you are to ask me why, I’ll just keep it to myself because I don’t want him to be stolen from me. Hahahaha… Kidding aside, I have been with this wonderful man for years now and I guess I saw the best and the worst of him. And until now, I am thankful that he is my husband. Happy birthday Nanie! Dominic and I love you so much.


By the way, it took me several minutes looking for a solo picture of Nanie that I am going to make for this post. And guess what, most of the pictures are of our son’s. Maybe this is it, the heartthrob before is being replaced by a new one. Hahaha… Anyway don’t worry Nanie, you still reign as my number 1 heartthrob.

Tracking UFOs

If you have ever heard of Roswell, then you know that there was a time when the government possibly covered up a UFO that landed in the area. There are some companies that are devoted to exploring the idea of UFOs being real. If you are interested in this kind of activity, the MUFON UFO Network and other organizations like it, can help you get started.

The first thing that you should do if you want to track UFOs is to take pictures at night and during the day if you see something odd in the sky. Get books on the subject, and learn about what you need to look for that would give you clues as to whether it’s a plane you’re looking at or something else. Another thing to consider is keeping a journal. You should record other sightings around the country and the world to see if there are any patterns. Organizations can offer information about the kind of telescope to use and where to submit information if you think you have something credible. You can attend meetings with others who share your enthusiasm for UFOs so that you aren’t alone in your observations. This is ideal for those who question whether humans are alone in the universe.

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