Hobby: Cooking Chicken Curry

When thinking of what influences did the Philippines have from India in culinary, most of us will answer the use of Curry powder. I have learned to cook and loved the taste of curry on the food that I cook. So now, I will share with you my home-style recipe of Chicken Curry.


3/4 kilo chicken breast cut

2 cups of coconut milk

2 tablespoon of curry powder

2 medium-sized onion chopped

3 cloves of crushed garlic

1 medium-sized ginger pounded

1 small red bell pepper

2 medium-sized potato cut into bigger cubes

1 medium carrots cut into cubes

1 teaspoon of fish sauce

1/2 teaspoon of pepper


Chicken Curry

Here is how to cook Chicken Curry:

1. In a pan, half-cook the chicken together with the garlic, onion, pepper, fish sauce, pepper and a bit of salt. If you notice it, I didn’t add water or oil to cook the chicken because the meat of the chicken emits liquid and oil when cooked. So to be healthy, I prefer the natural water and oil from the chicken itself. Cook it for 5 minutes.

2. After 5 minutes, add the potato and carrots, then sprinkle the curry powder. Next pour the coconut milk. Let it boil for 5 to 7 minutes.

3. Then placed the red bell pepper and cook it for another 2 minutes. Caution: curry powder and ginger make chicken curry spicy so if you add chili pepper it will only heighten the spicy taste of it which will not be appreciated by some. So instead of using chili pepper, you can use bell pepper as a substitute. 

4. After 2 minutes, your chicken curry is ready to be served.

Simple isn’t it? For wives out there, make cooking your hobby and you will be loved by your hubby. ;)

Kids’ Corner: Dominic Uses Disney Eskulin Kids

As mothers, I know we love to see our kids enjoy every moment of their childhood. Seeing them giggle with joy while playing with other kids under the dancing rays of sun, makes us realize that we should let them experience life with nature on its finest. But at the end of the day, I know most of us are troubled with the aroma of sweat that dries up on our kids hair. For our son, Dominic, we bought him Disney Eskulin Kids. Disney Eskulin Kids is a shampoo and conditioner which gives a silky effect on hair and leaving it with mild fragrant scent. Even at night, we can still smell the scent of it on Dominic’s hair. Give your kids shampoo and conditioner that are only suitable for their age because you will never know what harmful effects it will cause to your kids because of the ingredients that only adults can bear. Try using Disney Eskulin Kids, especially this summer season, you can still kiss and smell your kids’ hair even after a long day exposed to the sun.

Disney Eskulin Kids

The Peppingz Juniors

The Peppingz family is growing so fast. For those who are wondering how many kids do we have, well here I present to you our adorable children.

Of course, I will start with our son, Dominic. Sorry mga ato website ko ini kaya inot si Dominic..hahaha..and the rest alphabetically arranged na..LOL

Son of Don and Milrose Fajardo


Kids of Obet and Jane Abayon

Hanz and Gab

Alvin and Sheryl Andes’ daughter


Son of Bobby and Jalene Bayao


Adrian and Maricris Escares’ kids

Adhy and Aris

Jan and Nona Noble’s son


Morris and Juvy Perdon’s daughter


Norlan and Angie Pielago’s kids


Knoxx and Zeke

Daughters of Anong and Rhea Sy

Fatima and Hana

Son of Reymond and Ruby Sychay


Son of Janjan and Melanie Tuy


Kids of Jojo and Jo-anne Vasquez

Prince and Joey

Sons of Onyx and Joann Vizcaya



More babies will come for the next years and I will just update this post to add the next batch of Peppingz Juniors.

Peppingz will be together forever…

The Mothers of Peppingz Juniors

The Fathers of Peppingz Juniors


Hobby: Cooking Home-style Lechon Paksiw

If one is to crave for food, one of his top choices will be Lechon. Lechon is a roasted pork which is famous in Spain as well as in our very own native land, the Philippines. But I do not know how to cook lechon the roasted type, so I will only teach you how to make Lechon Kawali or deep-fried pork. And later we will make use of this Lechon Kawali in making our Lechon Paksiw.

Here is how to cook Lechon Kawali:

Ingredients:   3/4 kilo of belly or bacon cut, salt, pepper, bay leaf, 2 cups of water for boiling and  cooking oil

Steps: 1. In a pressure cooker, tenderize the pork with 2 cups of water and add the pepper, salt, and bay leaf for 15 to 20 minutes. Use extra caution in using pressure cooker, you should read first the manual before using it. Then when the pressure settled down, get the pork and place it in a plate for cooling. You can place it inside the refrigerator when cooled to achieve the crispiness that you desire.

2. In a deep frying pan, heat the oil but be sure not to overheat it. Then place the cooled cooked pork. You can sprinkle cold water to make it more crispier. When the color turns golden brown, it is now cooked and ready to be served.

Now we know how to make Lechon Kawali, we will now make use of the lechon kawali for our lechon paksiw.

Most of us cook lechon paksiw due to the leftover lechon during celebrations. Lechon paksiw is cooking lechon in a cooked lechon sauce mix.

Here is how to cook Lechon Paksiw:

Ingredients:   cooked lechon kawali, 1/4 cup lechon sauce, 4 cloves of crushed garlic, 1 medium-sized chopped onion, bay leaf (laurel), 3 tablespoon of vinegar (depending on how you like it to taste), 4 tablespoon brown sugar, 2 tablespoon of liver spread (optional), 3 tablespoon of bread crumbs or crushed soda cracker, 1/4 cup water, 1 tablespoon cooking oil, pepper and salt.

Steps:    1. In a heated pan, saute’ the garlic and onion. Add in the lechon kawali and season it with bay leaf, vinegar, liver spread.

                 2. Pour the lechon sauce, next add the water and let it boil. Then sprinkle the bread crumbs or crushed soda cracker. Add pepper and salt to taste. And it is ready to be served. Makes 2 – 3 servings.

Experiment to form new dishes. Make cooking your hobby, and you will make everyone’s tummy happy. Until next time! :)

Dominic’s Nursery Life at Minds that Matter

April 9, 2013 when our son, Dominic, entered the door of our chosen pre-school, the Minds that Matter Tutorial and Pre-school. Being our only child, my husband and I were really afraid then that our son will be facing a new chapter in his life, his Nursery Life. I could not stand the scene during Dominic’s first day in school, too see tears rolling down his cheeks and begging us not to leave him there. Good thing that the crying only happen on the first day. Brave little Dominic, came to school everyday so that he won’t miss any lesson. In fact he’s near a hundred percent perfect attendance. Minds as Minds that Matter is fondly called, taught the basic things a child should know. What is important is that a student of Minds should learn to read and write by heart and everything that needs to learn in life will follow. Children with little steps at first will have big leaps in the future with the right and proper foundation in the beginning.

My husband and I once talked to a psychiatric pediatrician and she told us that since kids are starting at early age during these years, we should find a school where kids will enjoy their stay and at the same time learn the basics in life. And there, we found Minds that Matter, and Dominic’s journey to Nursery Life began.

August 2013. The kids had two activities last August. They had the ‘Pagsungko ni Ina’ and their ‘Buwan ng Wika Celebration’. During the Pagsungko ni Ina, even though Minds is not a Catholic School, still the importance of religion matters to them. Our Lady of Penafrancia, Patroness of Bicolandia or simply ‘Ina’, visited the school. Children offered something during the mass held at the Immaculate Conception Parish. The Grade School students lead the vigil. And since we already introduced ‘Ina’ to Dominic at an early age of 1 where he used to wave his white bib or hanky every time he sees ‘Ina’, he enjoyed the activity because with limited knowledge of ‘Ina’, he is adoring her. Dominic even managed to walk just to join the procession. Another activity was the Buwan ng Wika. Dominic’s experience on Buwan ng Wika celebration is really a fresh start. We got to see that our son can perform on crowds. They danced and sang their hearts out showcasing some Filipino songs that they hardly memorized at first but in the end, they managed to perform it very well. My husband and I became his number 1 fans and indeed certified proud parents.

December 2013. Dominic experienced his first-ever Christmas Party. He got the chance to mingle with his classmates. He told us that they danced, sang, played games, ate their snacks and exchanged their gifts. He really enjoyed that party but after he asked me, why is it that it is not the same gift that he gave and what happened to it? Hahaha..

 They also had their Christmas presentation. Five performances composed of singing, dancing and poem recital were done by the nursery class. And luckily, Dominic played as Santa so we dressed him like one. That was one memorable event for us, we got to see what talents he has and what he is good at. The songs that they memorized for the said event were still repeatedly sang by Dominic until now even if Christmas is over.

January 2014. The kids had two activities. The first one is their 1st Educational City Tour. They visited the Raul Roco Library, the Naga City Science Centrum and the Chin Po Tong Fire Station. The kids had a lot of fun especially when they reached the fire station where they were requested to do a fire drill and demonstrate how to oust a fire in the body. I’m so glad that Dominic participated and volunteered to do the demo. Another activity is the NCERIES. During classes, the solar system were introduced unto them what more if they had the chance of seeing vivid images of the outer space, that amazed our son. When they entered the inflated dome, mixed emotions were seen but surely the kids where all in awe to see the wonders of outer space. And as expected, after that activity, I can’t stop my son from telling us his wonderful experience.

March 2014. To be exact, March 15, 2014, when our son graduated from Nursery. Like their other activities, the kids offered songs for everyone in attendance but what we truly liked to witness during that day is when they had in their hands their framed certificate of completion and taking a vow in front of everyone in the hall. That simple gestures that they rehearsed and perfectly executed by our son makes us truly proud because still in the end, he followed every instructions that his teachers taught him and with that he deserves to receive that certificate. Truly Minds that Matter will be an indelible part of him.

Thank you Minds that Matter. See you next school year. :)

Must-Try: Lovin’ Eng Bee Tin Hopia

One of the delicacies that I love most is Eng Bee Tin’s hopia. I was delighted to know that last year 2012, Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli celebrated its 100 years in the market. I even browsed the web and search for the store’s history and know what are their successes and downfalls. The highlight of their success is when they discovered the root crop Ube as a flavoring for their hopia. At first their business was a success, but later on the same taste of their delicacies become ordinary, so they think of ways on how to improve their business and boost their earning capacity. That was the time when they discovered the magical taste of Ube as one of their hopia flavorings.

Hopia is one of the top ‘pasalubong’ treats in the Philippines. And knowing the quality of the products of Eng Bee Tin, pretty sure you will also love all their products and like me, will also crave for more. They surpassed all the trials in the past 100 years, Eng Bee Tin is still soaring and aiming for more successful years in the business. This is a must-try product so grab one now.

Kids’ Corner: Enfagrow A+ Kid presents Discovery Kids Animation-Maker Kit

My son loves drinking Enfagrow A+ Kid and he will love this milk more because of what is free in every pack of it. Just this Saturday my son was very happy when he saw this Animation-Maker kit. So when we reached home, he immediately opened the box and asked me to help him make this do-it-yourself animation-maker. And he was amazed to see how the pictures moved.

We already received a number of freebies from Enfagrow A+ Kid and they are very educational in form which really enhanced the creativity and mental alertness of kids. Before, he got Art Attack pastel coloring materials and also puzzles with designs of maps of the world. Continue buying Enfagrow A+ Kid and be surprised and delighted of what next significant freebie that they have to offer.

Fire Prevention Month 2014

March is Fire Prevention Month. Last January, one of the itineraries during our son’s educational tour is a Fire station, The Chin Po Tong Fire Brigade. And there they were taught about the basic things to know about fire, what causes fire and how to prevent fire. They were asked to do the drill on how to evade from the blazing fire when it happens inside the house. And also they were taught on how they will remove the fire on their clothes.  That was one very educational field trip for my son. After that visit, he loves playing the role of a fireman wearing yellow outfit and carrying that big hose in his hands. 

A promotional and educational DVD was given after the tour entitled Sunog Sagip Buhay which has fire safety tips to watch and learn.

For $19 Billion, Facebook buys WhatsApp

With the growing demand on online communication, WhatsApp remains to be on top as compared to other messaging giants like Twitter and Skype. And Facebook Messenger only ranks second to WhatsApp on its share in the global market, and this caused Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decide to acquire WhatsApp for $19 Billion. WhatsApp has 450 million users all over the globe and continues to increase by a million daily. According to a study conducted by OnDevice Research, for smartphones, WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app.

I already tried using WhatsApp as a messaging app and indeed it is very efficient and effective way to communicate globally. And since Facebook is still the number 1 social networking site, buying WhatsApp will sure to remain on top as messaging app. Enjoy this new collaboration between Facebook and WhatsApp!

A Handsome Man Wears Arrow Clothing

Fashion should not only be for women, more so, it should also be for men. Nobody wants to see a fashionable girl with an awkwardly looking boy with her. Of course, we all want that both should look awesome. For my man, I want him to look at his best. He is a professional, so I want him to have a more formal and professionally looking outfit. We’ve bought clothes from different men clothing brand and now he loves this Arrow Clothing brand. The first time he laid his eyes on this short sleeve polo, he loved it. The color and texture is perfect. And so as the fitting on him. 

Arrow is said to be in business for more than 160 years, catering different formal men’s wear. They have all kinds of design from exquisitely designed long sleeves to assorted accessories. Arrow Since 1851 tag is very inviting, to survive this far, I’m pretty sure they attained the right market and loyalty of his valued customers all over the globe. 

So when planning to buy a gift for a special someone, be sure to include Arrow Clothing brand on your list. 

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