Advise 101: How to Make Your Wife Happy

‘Happy wife, happy life’ – this is a common quotation for married couples. But how can you make your wife happy? We’ll this is a big question. It is not easy to please women especially your wife. Wives have different moods and temper too. Here are some tips for you husbands out there:

  • Treat your wife as a queen and you as her king. You don’t have to be a servant who serves the queen. I often see men carrying the bag of her wife leaving her nothing to carry. This gesture may be loved by some girls but not for me.
  • Be sensitive always. She can be moody sometimes. All you have to do is to carry with you always a basket full of patience. Because after all these roller-coaster-ride emotions, you will find the little girl inside her waiting to be pampered.
  • Always think of her welfare. Wives need their husbands most of the times. Be with her always, because everything that you do for her, she looks at you as her hero.
  • If you love her, love more her family. A wife is happier if she can see and feel that her husband loves her family (her father, mother, siblings and extended family). As what my parents told me, always be good to your in-laws. It is hard to rebuild a broken (in-laws) relationship.
  • Appreciate everything about her. It is better to say to your wife that you are grateful for everything that she’s doing, all the things that she did for your family and for you. You can send her simply gifts or notes to show how much you appreciate her.
  • Lastly, love her like you have never loved her before. Love her more each passing day. Make everyday a memorable one. Less arguments, more love.

Always bear in mind that God gave you one person whom you will spend the rest of your life with. Be thankful and don’t let anybody steal her from you. ?

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