Beyblade Mania

Beyblade is back! Our 7-year-old son, came home from school and requested for a beyblade. Memories of our early years when beyblade phenomenon, sometime in year 1999 or 2000, was at the height came flashing back to us. Now the next generation is ready to play beyblades.

Our son was so happy to have his very first beyblade. This spinning top amazes him so much. He’s practicing how to launch his beyblade perfectly. 

We bought him a Xeno Xcalibur.M.I. beyblade. It comes with a sword launcher.

The blade is magnificently designed by an excalibur sword with a cross sword in the middle. Unboxing this latest beyblade excites him a lot. Let your kids especially the boys experience the Beyblade Mania.

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