Building a Dream House

Looking into our almost finished house, all the hardships that my husband and I encountered during the span of the construction period comes rushing back to me. Building a dream house is not easy. We started from picturing what kind of house do we like and looking how we can manage to build it by the not so enormous fund that we have. Then we searched for the best engineer and architect in the town to finally have our dream turn into reality. But like as I said earlier it is not easy as 1,2,3, we had several rough times with our builder but the good thing is that we managed to survive until this very day that I am writing this post.

Here are some pointers for you who also want to build a dream house.

  • Never give almost every fund that you have when the project is far behind finished line.
  • Always wait for your engineer to ask payment from you, not you who will offer first the payment.
  • Make it a habit to demand receipt or proof of payment every time you give money.
  • Ask who are the suppliers that your builder is buying the materials.
  • Demand for a constant dialog with your engineer.

You can do it! Don’t let hesitations hinder you from building your dream house. 


I just saw this draft post now. I forgot to post it before. To tell you my dear readers, our house is already built. And we are now happy dwelling in this humble house of ours.?

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