5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier

Your body is a product of what you eat. Nutrition, exercise, and rest are crucial for a healthy and fit body. There are various aspects of nutrition that are critical, and they include the type of food, portion sizes, quality of food, and so on.

The following are some easy ways on how you can eat healthily:

1.         Consume more whole foods

Whole foods are rich in the necessary nutrients and the right proportions as required by the body. They also keep your stomach full due to their high fiber content; since they take longer to digest, you tend to eat lesser quantities. Also, people who eat whole foods, such as whole-grain wheat products, brown rice, and others, are less likely to suffer from diabetes, cancers, cardiac problems, and other health issues. These foods also taste better and are naturally available.

2.         Opt for healthy fats

It is now clear that not all fats are bad, and it is not true that “less is not more” when it comes to fat and oils. What is crucial is the type of fat. Specific natural fats from vegetables, fish, and nuts/seeds have been proven to help improve health. Olive oil is well known to be a healthy option for cooking. You can now even end your meal with some healthy oil—from sesame, walnuts, avocados, hazelnuts, and even pine nuts—when accompanying vegetables, fish, salads, or grains for a healthy and classic touch. Also, you can consider getting some awesome steroids from steroidsfax.com to supplement your healthy fats and foods for greater benefits.

3.         Cook more frequently

Cooking your own food is one sure way of eating healthy, as you can ensure that you choose your ingredients carefully, cook in the appropriate methods—such as steaming, grilling, and shallow frying instead of deep frying—and use the best seasoning for natural flavorings, like garlic instead of salt. If you are strapped for time, there are some quick and healthy meals you can prepare, or you can prepare your foods earlier in the week so that you are cooking in the shortest amount of time possible, as per your schedule.

4.         Have fruits and vegetables as the biggest portion of your meals

Most people—and most likely this includes you—love carbs so much and tend to eat them in plenty. However, studies show that meals should look like a rainbow due to the plethora of fruits and veggies on the plate, which have tons of benefits, including preventing aging, cancers, and cardiac problems. You should aim to have a fruit or a vegetable with each meal, say a banana with your morning cereal, a tomato with your lunch, and so on, or you can practice the 50 percent rule—ensure that half of your lunch or dinner plate is made up of veggies and fruits.

5.         Be conscientious of the portion sizes

Eating the right or healthy foods is not enough, but you must also eat them in the right portions. You may need to buy a kitchen scale to measure the portions of food items when preparing meals, and with time, you will know how much a given portion of a food item may be considered too big. You should eat from smaller plates, and you can even use plates with colors that contrast those of food, thus helping you realize when you serve bigger shares. Also, read and make use of the labels on food packaging.

Building a Dream House

Looking into our almost finished house, all the hardships that my husband and I encountered during the span of the construction period comes rushing back to me. Building a dream house is not easy. We started from picturing what kind of house do we like and looking how we can manage to build it by the not so enormous fund that we have. Then we searched for the best engineer and architect in the town to finally have our dream turn into reality. But like as I said earlier it is not easy as 1,2,3, we had several rough times with our builder but the good thing is that we managed to survive until this very day that I am writing this post.

Here are some pointers for you who also want to build a dream house.

  • Never give almost every fund that you have when the project is far behind finished line.
  • Always wait for your engineer to ask payment from you, not you who will offer first the payment.
  • Make it a habit to demand receipt or proof of payment every time you give money.
  • Ask who are the suppliers that your builder is buying the materials.
  • Demand for a constant dialog with your engineer.

You can do it! Don’t let hesitations hinder you from building your dream house. 


I just saw this draft post now. I forgot to post it before. To tell you my dear readers, our house is already built. And we are now happy dwelling in this humble house of ours.?

Movavi Video Converter for Mac Review

How often have you come across a video that you simply weren’t able to play on your Mac? Or how often have you sent a video to a friend and received a complaint that they weren’t able to play it? For the uninitiated video formats can be a minefield that is difficult to navigate, and most people who run across a format that they can’t play or can’t share tend to simply give up.

With the Movavi Video Converter for Mac when you’re faced with any of those situations you could simply convert your video to a format that can be played. As a Mac video converter that is really just the tip of the iceberg of what it is capable of, and you will find that you can gain numerous benefits by being able to convert your videos – not the least of which being that you’ll be able to optimize them for various devices and compress them to conserve storage space.


The reason why the Movavi Video Converter for Mac is so unique is down to its intuitive design as well as its comprehensive features. While it may be billed as a ‘video converter’ it is actually much, much more than that and is capable of converting audio and image files too. Also it comes with a host of other features that allow it to edit and enhance media files, cut and combine video segments, insert customizable text as captions or watermarks, and even crop or rotate.

Using these features will feel natural, and you should be able to get used to the software in a matter of minutes even if you have no prior experience. In fact, you will also be able to use it to create animated GIFs, regulate the audio, extract audio from video, and take screenshots from videos too.

Of course the core purpose of the Movavi Video Converter for Mac is to convert files, and that part is really a piece of cake. Just add the file that you want to convert, select a format, and as soon as you click the ‘Convert’ button it will be done in an instant. If you like you could even use one of the hundreds of presets available to automatically optimize it for any device or platform too.

Suffice to say, if you want to convert videos or any other form of media on your Mac – this is the software for you.

New Look for my Website

It’s more or less 4 years when I started blogging.

Someone introduced it to me…

Someone helped me create my site…

Someone taught me how it is done…

Someone made sure that my site is renewed on time…

And now, someone made this wonderful makeover for my site…

That someone is my Chichiria (Teacher Ria in blogging)…

Thank you for dressing up my one and only site… I love it!!!

Looking forward to more blogging years with you my friend…

Let’s keep blogging!!!! 🙂

Tracking UFOs

If you have ever heard of Roswell, then you know that there was a time when the government possibly covered up a UFO that landed in the area. There are some companies that are devoted to exploring the idea of UFOs being real. If you are interested in this kind of activity, the MUFON UFO Network and other organizations like it, can help you get started.

The first thing that you should do if you want to track UFOs is to take pictures at night and during the day if you see something odd in the sky. Get books on the subject, and learn about what you need to look for that would give you clues as to whether it’s a plane you’re looking at or something else. Another thing to consider is keeping a journal. You should record other sightings around the country and the world to see if there are any patterns. Organizations can offer information about the kind of telescope to use and where to submit information if you think you have something credible. You can attend meetings with others who share your enthusiasm for UFOs so that you aren’t alone in your observations. This is ideal for those who question whether humans are alone in the universe.

Must-Try: RITUALS Ancient Beauty

Have you ever tried RITUALS Ancient Beauty? If you haven’t tried it yet, better look for one. I guarantee you that the scent of this is very relaxing that will surely soothe your mind, body and senses. I received a set of Rituals Ancient Beauty which composed of four different products: 1. Yogi Flow (Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil) – it is a 1.6 Fl. Oz./ 50 ml foaming shower gel sensation and is made in Germany, 2. Brilliant Bliss (Indian Rose and Shikakai) – it is 2.3 Fl. Oz./70 ml nourishing ultra-shine shampoo and is made in The Netherlands, 3. Honey Touch (Indian Rose and Himalaya Honey) – it is a 2.3 Fl. Oz./70 ml rich and nourishing body cream and is made in Germany, 4. Himalaya Wisdom (Holy basil and organic fresh mint) – it is a 1.41 oz./40 g detox Himalaya scrub salt and is made in The Netherlands. You will enjoy to smell your hair and body because the scent is very inviting. And at night, because of Ritual’s calming scent, you can easily fall asleep thus leaving all the worries in life behind.

A relaxing full body massage is easily achieved if you have a set of these sumptuous products. For married couple, having an intimate massage with your partner can keep the fire glowing between them. A home massage is more private than from a massage parlor. They can even have a romantic dialog reminiscing good old time memories which will definitely strengthen their relationship.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy a relaxing massage using products of your choice but don’t forget to consider Rituals Ancient Beauty because you will never regret having bought one.

Must-Try: Orient Sunset Finest Tea

What do you like coffee or tea? One of the most common introductory dialog whenever a visitor pays you a visit. Of course, if you offer those, you should have those. Since I am not a coffee-lover or should I say my body resists coffee because I suffer palpitation because of it, so I am bound to love TEA.

 There are many health benefits from tea. Here are some:

  1. Tea has less caffeine – As compared to coffee, which I said earlier that is causing my heart’s palpitation, tea has less caffeine content. Coffee has two to three times more caffeine that tea.
  2. Tea is a good antioxidant – Tea is considered to be a very good antioxidant that will somehow prevent our body from aging.
  3. Tea strengthens the bones – Like milk, tea-drinkers for 10 years or more are said to have stronger bones because of the phytochemicals content. So to those who hate drinking milk, better drink tea to strengthen your bones.
  4. Tea may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke – Tea unclog arteries from cholesterol which causes heart attack and stroke to human.
  5. Tea can help prevent cancer – Because of its antioxidant and polyphenols content, tea according to studies is said to help prevent the production of cancer cells in the body.
  6. Tea prevents tooth decay – Tea contains fluoride and tannins that can make teeth and gums healthier.
  7. Tea boosts immune system – Drinking tea revitalizes my immune system, whenever I have colds, tea really aids in making me well again.
  8. Tea is free from calories – Unlike other beverages, tea is calorie-free. Drinking coffee for some requires more sugar content that increases calories and softdrinks have high calorie-content. 

 When our sister with her family who are from The Netherlands visited us again here in the Philippines, they now know what to give us. They brought us set of teas of different flavors, the Orient Sunset Finest Tea. At first, we did not know what is inside that wooden miniature cabinet.


And when we opened the first drawer, to our surprise, we saw tea bags in it. We were very much delighted when we saw six (6) assorted flavored teas. Orient Sunset Finest Tea has: 1. Citroen (Lemon Flavour), 2. Aardbei (Strawberry Flavour) 3. Passievrucht (Passion Fruit Flavour), 4. Groene Thee (Green Tea), 5. Tropische Vruchten (Tropical Fruit Flavour), 6. Rooibos (Brew as tea).

Orient Sunset Finest Tea

 You can smell the flavor of the tea even before it is opened and used. So, when we dipped it in a cup of hot water, the very inviting aroma of tea filled our house. So refreshing and so relaxing to smell and drink.

 They also gave us two cute mugs that we can use whenever we are savoring the aroma of these flavored-teas. It is so much fun sipping a cup of tea while having an exciting conversation with your loved ones. 

Create a tea-party of your own, it shouldn’t have to be extravagant, two to three guests with a cup of tea on their hands is already perfect.

Benefits of Engaging in a Translation Services

While watching the news, I found myself in awe because there are more reports featured in other countries but of course reported in their own language. I may somehow understand the content thru the slides of photos and videos presented, but it is better to know what’s the context of the report. A friend from the beautiful land in London shared to me what translation companies have to offer.

 Nowadays, to learn more about everything, is to know what’s the meaning of everything. Yes, and to understand what’s the meaning of a word in foreign language needs an assistance of translations services. Over the net, there a lot of companies offering this kind of services and to tell you frankly, this really aids well in building a stronger communication relationship with other persons of different nationality.

After engaging in translation companies, you will find yourself well-versed with words that you once hardly understand. If your business or line of work requires international relationship, this service is really of big help. There are other countries who values their national language, so you are really constrained in learning their language so as to transact with them. But, worry no more, communicate like a pro and have unknown words be translated. 

Have Your Holiday Cards Printed by Minted

Christmas is a time of giving, of sharing. What item can you give that is meaningful and for keeps? A holiday card is one of the top choices. Although most greetings are received over the net thru social media, it is very touching to receive greeting in a conventional manner, delivered thru mail.

While I was browsing the net I found this site Minted.  I became interested in their holiday cards.  Anything about customized printing cards, invitations and the likes are specialized by Minted. They have wide array of designs that will also catch your very selective choice when it comes to holiday card printouts.

If I were to receive and give a card this yuletide season, I prefer to have this Complete Tree card that has a collage of photos forming a Christmas tree with a heart on top of it.  I like it because in the cover, I believe that above everything that we do, we should always have a heart for others, for others will love us in return.

Complete Tree

The next one that I like is this Amazing Comic Book holiday card.  Since we love Marvel movies, and during our early years collecting of comic magazines is one of the favorite hobbies. Seeing this card, brings back happy childhood memories.

Amazing Comic Book

With Minted, I learned that you can customize the design by adding your favorite photos and changing the color of the background of the text.  So as early today, I already know what to give to my loved ones wherever they are in the world. I should start looking and choosing my most loved photos to be printed on my holiday cards. Happy holidays!!!

Changing The Resolution Of A Video

The resolution of a video is usually expressed in width × height and the value is given in pixels. There are two particular types of resolutions: the Standard Definition (SD) and the High Definition (HD). For video, the mostly used resolutions are 640×360 & 640×480 and for DVD it is 720×480 & 720×576. HD videos have a resolution of 1280×720 (720p) and in some cases1920×1080(1080p) which is known as Full HD.

The main reasons for changing the resolution of the video or the Video size are to make it more compatible with the device that is going to play the video. The other reasons are that when you change the resolution, you can also make the quality of the video image better. Movavi is the best converter you could get to perform this job as it is easy to use and very fast.

Steps to follow:

  1. Install the Movavi Video Converter by downloading it from the website of Movavi. Run the download.exe file that comes along with the software and you will see that the software is installed. You will have to follow a few instructions from the Installation wizard.
  2. Add the video to you want to change to the program by clicking on the ADD Video option that lies on the upper left corner of the window. In the new window that pops up select as many videos you want to change. You can even add a DVD by selecting the ADD DVD button.
  3. Choose the format that you want the video in. there are many available formats in the drop down menu. Click on the More Presets option and choose the video format you want. It can be anything like AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV,MP4, etc. you can choose the resolution now, or later. PSP, iPOD, iPAD and iPHONE have their own formats and these are also available on Movavi.
  4. Specify the resolution of your video but you can skip this step if you have selected a format on the last step. There will be a settings button right next to the list of conversions. There will be a drop box on frame sizes. You can choose one from there to specify the resolution or hit on the Custom button to input the resolution you want. After applying the changes, click on OK. Always preview to know how your video will look after converting.
  5. Now, convert the video. Before this, select the place where you want your video to go as the Movavi converter will otherwise automatically save it to the C drive of your computer. Click on the Browse button that is just next to the field of Destination and choose the folder you want the video in. click on OK. Now click on the Convert button and your work here is done.