Give Love on Christmas Day

Christmas is a season for giving, for sharing. At his very young age, we encourage our son to share something. So we prepared packed goodies for kids in the neighborhood. Since these kids love to sing Christmas Carols, Dom gave packed goodies to each of them. Making the kids merry this Christmas. By these simple gifts and gestures, they were very thankful to my son. Hopefully, we can prepare more packs each coming years. 

To see our son happy with what he is doing, made our hearts jump with joy. And to see the kids happy when they received these goodies, made us even happier because our son’s effort is highly appreciated.

Commemorative Philippine 5 peso coin

I can still remember the time when I was still a banker, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) gives commemorative coins during seminars. And until now, I am thrilled every time I see a commemorative coin or bill. 

Just this afternoon, I got one, a 5-peso commemorative coin. With my busy schedule as a working mom, I rarely see one these days. And when I see one, it is so late that everyone might seen it already. Maybe this coin is already circulated in different parts of the country and it is just now that it came to my possession. 

This 5-peso commemorative coin is set to honor the 70th Anniversary of Leyte Gulf Landing (1944 – 2014). The images of General Douglas MacArthur with his troop returning to the Philippines to fulfill his promise, ‘I shall return’, is found in one side of the coin. At the background of the images, the repeating text of 70 Years Leyte Gulf Landing is seen.

On the other side, a text quoting some of Gen. MacArthur’s famous quotes, “I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God our forces stand again on Philippine soil – soil consecrated in the blood of our two peoples.” The five stars indicate the rank of Gen. Douglas MacArthur as a 5-star general. And the signature over the name of Gen. MacArthur can also be seen. And below, Republika ng Pilipinas is displayed in caps lock and there are repeating text of it in the background. The BSP Logo and 5 PISO are also shown.

In my early years, I can still remember the life and works of Gen. MacArthur. It is just right to honor him and give credit to all that he have done for the Philippines. His return marked as the beginning of the down fall of Japanese occupation in the Philippines. Many stories of cruelty were told during the Japanese invasion but one of the heroic stories that was ever told and still remembered is that of Gen. MacArthur’s.

Naga City launches Kamundagan Festival 2013

Christmas is in the air in Naga City, Camarines Sur. The city government with the participation of private companies like Biggs and SM City Naga launches Kamundagan Festival 2013. Kamundagan Festival is an annual celebration of Naga City. Kamundagan means birth, Naga City’s birth as a city. December 15 marks the date when Naga City became a chartered city.

To bring the feeling of yuletide season to Nagueños, a well-lighted city can now be seen starting tonight. As expected, many witnessed this magical lighting of colorful Christmas lights and ornaments at Plaza Quezon. A huge Christmas tree now stands at Plaza Quezon sponsored by Biggs. As to Plaza Quince Martires and Plaza Rizal, white parols and draping white Christmas lights will enchant viewers. This year’s theme is white Christmas. SM City Naga decorated the stage of Plaza Quezon and also a Little Christmas Village was built for expectators to see. Here are some of the photos:





After attending mass, my family paid a visit to the colorful Christmas Village, and we really enjoyed taking photos of these Christmas display. 







Kamundagan Festival also celebrates the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, above all things. That is why, celebrations of this festival are associated to Christmas to honor His birth. And Naga City is forever grateful to our Lord Almighty for all the blessings that our city and the people are having right now. Advance Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Union of East & West

Wedding, a union of two hearts.
I never expected my sister, Charmaine, to be working and living in Netherlands, much more to be married to Marcel, a Dutch.  They have been married twice, one in Netherlands and recently here in the Philippines. Of course, I only witnessed the marriage here. Actually, me and my husband participated in the wedding preparation that’s why I’m really worried on the outcome of this celebration.
January 8, 2011 at Naga Metropolitan Cathedral, they exchanged vows for the second time.

me & my husband, Don
The Bride

Marcel & Charmaine Mertens
Our Family
The Mertens
After the Church Ceremony

Outside the Church

Reception followed at Starmark Royale.
The Wedding Cake
Eating Time
It was really a memorable day for us. For sure, there’s no room for any cultural differences because of the love that binds them together. I know this union of east and west will last forever. : )