After 3-Day Sale at SM City Naga

As expected, SM City Naga’s 3-Day Sale from May 4 – 6 was a sure hit. In fact I even managed to shop everyday from day 1 to day 3. What a relief to reach the counter after waiting for quite a long time as compared to regular shopping paying time. Anyway, SM still owns the crown when it comes to big sales such as this. I even told my husband, that I like the festive mood at the mall during 3-day sale. Mixed emotions can be seen to shoppers from all walks of life. Some are happy because of the discounts that they got, while some are sad due to a bit huge amount of money to spend for their purchases.

I was so busy shopping then falling in line that I forgot to take a photo of the shopping rush. I only got this photo to share with you.

I took this photo from the roofdeck of SM City Naga, featuring what to see at the back view of SM. Actually it was our first time to park at the roofdeck. Due to the heavy rush of vehicles, my son’s dream to reach and see what SM City Naga’s roofdeck looks like came to reality. He was so amazed and pointed to the helipad from afar and said that SM made that helipad for the incumbent Vice President of the Philippines. Very patriotic for an 8-year-old true Bicolano. 😊😊😊

Give Love on Christmas Day

Christmas is a season for giving, for sharing. At his very young age, we encourage our son to share something. So we prepared packed goodies for kids in the neighborhood. Since these kids love to sing Christmas Carols, Dom gave packed goodies to each of them. Making the kids merry this Christmas. By these simple gifts and gestures, they were very thankful to my son. Hopefully, we can prepare more packs each coming years. 

To see our son happy with what he is doing, made our hearts jump with joy. And to see the kids happy when they received these goodies, made us even happier because our son’s effort is highly appreciated.

And I’m Back… <3

Oh my! It’s been almost a year since I last posted an article on this site. I miss doing this – writing my thoughts and my heart out. I just hope I can still find time updating my blog. Been very busy this past few months. Anyway, it’s worth the wait, I already have my very own crib where I can spend the rest of my life, collecting happy memories with my family.  Have a good night sleep everyone. Tomorrow is a confidently beautiful day here in the Philippines as we witness the crowning of the next Miss Universe. Good luck Ms. Philippines! 

Commemorative Philippine 5 peso coin

I can still remember the time when I was still a banker, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) gives commemorative coins during seminars. And until now, I am thrilled every time I see a commemorative coin or bill. 

Just this afternoon, I got one, a 5-peso commemorative coin. With my busy schedule as a working mom, I rarely see one these days. And when I see one, it is so late that everyone might seen it already. Maybe this coin is already circulated in different parts of the country and it is just now that it came to my possession. 

This 5-peso commemorative coin is set to honor the 70th Anniversary of Leyte Gulf Landing (1944 – 2014). The images of General Douglas MacArthur with his troop returning to the Philippines to fulfill his promise, ‘I shall return’, is found in one side of the coin. At the background of the images, the repeating text of 70 Years Leyte Gulf Landing is seen.

On the other side, a text quoting some of Gen. MacArthur’s famous quotes, “I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God our forces stand again on Philippine soil – soil consecrated in the blood of our two peoples.” The five stars indicate the rank of Gen. Douglas MacArthur as a 5-star general. And the signature over the name of Gen. MacArthur can also be seen. And below, Republika ng Pilipinas is displayed in caps lock and there are repeating text of it in the background. The BSP Logo and 5 PISO are also shown.

In my early years, I can still remember the life and works of Gen. MacArthur. It is just right to honor him and give credit to all that he have done for the Philippines. His return marked as the beginning of the down fall of Japanese occupation in the Philippines. Many stories of cruelty were told during the Japanese invasion but one of the heroic stories that was ever told and still remembered is that of Gen. MacArthur’s.

ATENEO de NAGA at 75

Year 1998 – I can still remember my first days in Ateneo. I am nervous but proud because to study in one of the top schools in Naga City and in the Philippines as well is a big responsibility but a huge success. I am part of the Coeds of Ateneo from years 1998 to 2002 and I can certainly say that my stay with them is really memorable.

In Ateneo, I met many friends particularly my Peppingz barkada. We had so many memories in and out of the campus. And until now, we are keeping in touch from time to time. We still keep in our hearts the values of being Ateneans, to be men and women for others. Our friendship will last for a lifetime like our Alma Mater.

In Ateneo, I learned that you can enjoy life and school at the same time. Many enjoyable events happened during our stay in Ateneo, thus we survived every mind-breaking curricular activities as students. And at the end of every school year, we felt relieved and wanted to be in school for next year.

And in Ateneo, I met my husband. This school will always be a part of our never ending love story. We are proud Ateneans. And hopefully, our brood will be one proud Atenean as well.

Soar high Ateneo de Naga University! Happy 75 years!

Ateneo de Naga University celebrates 75 years

I Caught A Heartthrob: Happy 34th Birthday Nanie!!!

I caught a heartthrob. And it is not easy to capture one. I guess it is just so rare to catch one.

Please give this moment to me my dear readers because it is my handsome husband’s 34th birthday. Pardon my flowery and extremely adoring words for my husband because he deserves to hear it on his special day.

HEARTTHROB – this highly fascinating descriptive word for a man was the one that I heard during my first years in High School. I don’t know who he was then, and not any chance did we meet then. Then we reached our Mid High School years, our paths crossed but I guess Cupid was sleeping then that he let us walked on separate ways. Years passed, friendship blossomed, and then I realized that the heartthrob that the girls adored before is really someone to adore to.

I’m sorry girls, I already caught him. And he is indeed a good catch. If you are to ask me why, I’ll just keep it to myself because I don’t want him to be stolen from me. Hahahaha… Kidding aside, I have been with this wonderful man for years now and I guess I saw the best and the worst of him. And until now, I am thankful that he is my husband. Happy birthday Nanie! Dominic and I love you so much.


By the way, it took me several minutes looking for a solo picture of Nanie that I am going to make for this post. And guess what, most of the pictures are of our son’s. Maybe this is it, the heartthrob before is being replaced by a new one. Hahaha… Anyway don’t worry Nanie, you still reign as my number 1 heartthrob.

Kids’ Corner: Helping Kids Conquer Stage Fright

December 18, 2014, Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines. Colorful, amazing costumes were displayed during the parade of cute little kids and teeners as part of Minds that Matter’s 10th Year Celebration. Of course, we dressed up our chubby cutie Dominic as Russell in the Disney movie Up, which some say, he really nailed the character. See his cute picture below (pardon my bragging for I am his proud mom..chuckles)..

Dominic as Russell

Do you know what makes us again really proud of our son and his school? It is that sense of acceptance, that whatever your child looks like, how good or not he acts, dances, sings on stage, do not matter. Minds that Matter let their every student perform, they let each student shine, that is the most important. Just to stand in front of the crowd needs a lot of confidence. So, hurray to all the students for a job well done. And to all the teachers who gave their best performance for the said event.

Dominic with Teacher Amy

Dominic with his Teacher Jaster

Dominic with his classmates and Teacher Mia

I have nothing against with other school, it’s just that I am proud of what our son becomes in the short span of almost 2 years in Minds that Matter. He gains confidence, conquers stage fright and learns how to deal with his co-performers with courtesy.

Up on stage

Even in out of school events like parties and the like, we don’t have to force Dominic to join in games. Just recently he made an impromptu performance with a mob of dancers from SM City Naga. We were so happy to see him danced with great dancers of SM City Naga.

We are thankful to Minds for giving proper and balanced education to our son. Happy 10th year Minds that Matter! May you have more successful years to come. 😉

Dominic’s Nursery Life at Minds that Matter

April 9, 2013 when our son, Dominic, entered the door of our chosen pre-school, the Minds that Matter Tutorial and Pre-school. Being our only child, my husband and I were really afraid then that our son will be facing a new chapter in his life, his Nursery Life. I could not stand the scene during Dominic’s first day in school, too see tears rolling down his cheeks and begging us not to leave him there. Good thing that the crying only happen on the first day. Brave little Dominic, came to school everyday so that he won’t miss any lesson. In fact he’s near a hundred percent perfect attendance. Minds as Minds that Matter is fondly called, taught the basic things a child should know. What is important is that a student of Minds should learn to read and write by heart and everything that needs to learn in life will follow. Children with little steps at first will have big leaps in the future with the right and proper foundation in the beginning.

My husband and I once talked to a psychiatric pediatrician and she told us that since kids are starting at early age during these years, we should find a school where kids will enjoy their stay and at the same time learn the basics in life. And there, we found Minds that Matter, and Dominic’s journey to Nursery Life began.

August 2013. The kids had two activities last August. They had the ‘Pagsungko ni Ina’ and their ‘Buwan ng Wika Celebration’. During the Pagsungko ni Ina, even though Minds is not a Catholic School, still the importance of religion matters to them. Our Lady of Penafrancia, Patroness of Bicolandia or simply ‘Ina’, visited the school. Children offered something during the mass held at the Immaculate Conception Parish. The Grade School students lead the vigil. And since we already introduced ‘Ina’ to Dominic at an early age of 1 where he used to wave his white bib or hanky every time he sees ‘Ina’, he enjoyed the activity because with limited knowledge of ‘Ina’, he is adoring her. Dominic even managed to walk just to join the procession. Another activity was the Buwan ng Wika. Dominic’s experience on Buwan ng Wika celebration is really a fresh start. We got to see that our son can perform on crowds. They danced and sang their hearts out showcasing some Filipino songs that they hardly memorized at first but in the end, they managed to perform it very well. My husband and I became his number 1 fans and indeed certified proud parents.

December 2013. Dominic experienced his first-ever Christmas Party. He got the chance to mingle with his classmates. He told us that they danced, sang, played games, ate their snacks and exchanged their gifts. He really enjoyed that party but after he asked me, why is it that it is not the same gift that he gave and what happened to it? Hahaha..

 They also had their Christmas presentation. Five performances composed of singing, dancing and poem recital were done by the nursery class. And luckily, Dominic played as Santa so we dressed him like one. That was one memorable event for us, we got to see what talents he has and what he is good at. The songs that they memorized for the said event were still repeatedly sang by Dominic until now even if Christmas is over.

January 2014. The kids had two activities. The first one is their 1st Educational City Tour. They visited the Raul Roco Library, the Naga City Science Centrum and the Chin Po Tong Fire Station. The kids had a lot of fun especially when they reached the fire station where they were requested to do a fire drill and demonstrate how to oust a fire in the body. I’m so glad that Dominic participated and volunteered to do the demo. Another activity is the NCERIES. During classes, the solar system were introduced unto them what more if they had the chance of seeing vivid images of the outer space, that amazed our son. When they entered the inflated dome, mixed emotions were seen but surely the kids where all in awe to see the wonders of outer space. And as expected, after that activity, I can’t stop my son from telling us his wonderful experience.

March 2014. To be exact, March 15, 2014, when our son graduated from Nursery. Like their other activities, the kids offered songs for everyone in attendance but what we truly liked to witness during that day is when they had in their hands their framed certificate of completion and taking a vow in front of everyone in the hall. That simple gestures that they rehearsed and perfectly executed by our son makes us truly proud because still in the end, he followed every instructions that his teachers taught him and with that he deserves to receive that certificate. Truly Minds that Matter will be an indelible part of him.

Thank you Minds that Matter. See you next school year. 🙂

Fire Prevention Month 2014

March is Fire Prevention Month. Last January, one of the itineraries during our son’s educational tour is a Fire station, The Chin Po Tong Fire Brigade. And there they were taught about the basic things to know about fire, what causes fire and how to prevent fire. They were asked to do the drill on how to evade from the blazing fire when it happens inside the house. And also they were taught on how they will remove the fire on their clothes.  That was one very educational field trip for my son. After that visit, he loves playing the role of a fireman wearing yellow outfit and carrying that big hose in his hands. 

A promotional and educational DVD was given after the tour entitled Sunog Sagip Buhay which has fire safety tips to watch and learn.

Naga City launches Kamundagan Festival 2013

Christmas is in the air in Naga City, Camarines Sur. The city government with the participation of private companies like Biggs and SM City Naga launches Kamundagan Festival 2013. Kamundagan Festival is an annual celebration of Naga City. Kamundagan means birth, Naga City’s birth as a city. December 15 marks the date when Naga City became a chartered city.

To bring the feeling of yuletide season to Nagueños, a well-lighted city can now be seen starting tonight. As expected, many witnessed this magical lighting of colorful Christmas lights and ornaments at Plaza Quezon. A huge Christmas tree now stands at Plaza Quezon sponsored by Biggs. As to Plaza Quince Martires and Plaza Rizal, white parols and draping white Christmas lights will enchant viewers. This year’s theme is white Christmas. SM City Naga decorated the stage of Plaza Quezon and also a Little Christmas Village was built for expectators to see. Here are some of the photos:





After attending mass, my family paid a visit to the colorful Christmas Village, and we really enjoyed taking photos of these Christmas display. 







Kamundagan Festival also celebrates the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, above all things. That is why, celebrations of this festival are associated to Christmas to honor His birth. And Naga City is forever grateful to our Lord Almighty for all the blessings that our city and the people are having right now. Advance Merry Christmas to everyone!!!