Hobby: Photography

With all the beautiful wonders of the world and with all the catching moments of everyone’s life, it is no doubt that photography is one of the favorite hobbies of mankind. What really makes a good photo? Aside from the exemplary beauty that radiates in every subject to be captured, a good photographer must have that passion to look deeply within the subject. May it be a thing, place or a person, one must know what’s the story behind, what’s the history of the place and what’s the meaning of every smile or frown of the subject. This will definitely add to make the subject more interesting to capture and put into frames.

One must have the passion and drive to call himself as a photographer. The art of photography lies both the subject and the photographer because every good shot taken depends on how the person evaluates well the angle, the background, the lights that surrounds his subject. Some photographers focus on nature, some on events, others on animals, some on people, many on places, it only depends on their interests of what they desire to look into even for a hundred times.

Of course, one must have a good quality camera that will satisfy your admiration on things, places, people when put into pictures. There are some who really invest on making their cameras superb because they use them in their photography business while some they want high definition cameras only to meet their hobby of photography.

Whatever people say it, photography is one hobby that no one can’t resist. All you need is to have a heart and will to make good photos and capture good memories as well.

Hobby: Listening to Music

Have you suffered from LSS or Last Song Syndrome? Music lovers are familiar with this kind of syndrome it’s like when you encounter a song and it keeps on repeating over and over into your head even the song is not playing over the radio. That’s the magic of music. Music influences us in so many ways:

  1. It lights up our gloomy days when a happy song is being played. During rainy days wherein the surrounding is not much pleasing, make it a habit to play jolly songs.
  2. It aids in recalling events, let’s say a certain event is associated with a particular song which is popular during that time. And by hearing the song, the sequence of what happened during that event flashback into our memories and so as the emotions that we feel.
  3. It strengthens one’s relationship over the other person. True to lovers, music can be an instrument to express one’s emotion which can’t be done through a usual conversation. In a family, listening to music, serves as a bonding moment to enjoy each day together.
  4. It promotes hope. Music with themes of encouragement helps those wounded hearts recover and redeem their selves from darkness.

May it be rock, pop, ballad or whatever songs that you like, as long as these songs make you smile and make your day brighter, continue your hobby of listening to music. 

Hobby: Archery

In ancient times, archery has been a part of every battle, of every hunting. Even prehistoric people make it a habit to have bows and arrows on their hands because if they encounter opponents they can defend themselves. And if they come across a herd of animals, they have their bows and arrows to capture the preys.

For today, Google features this sport on their homepage, with one of the letters in the word GOOGLE as the target. This is in line with the 2012 London Olympics. 

During my college years, I also encountered this sport as one of my Physical education subjects. I got to experience handling a bow and an arrow on my hands then aim for the target at a distance. One thing to keep in mind when playing archery is to avoid the string of the bow to hit the left extremities of your hands because this will cause hematoma or a collection of blood outside the blood vessel on the affected area. Though dangerous in some ways, playing archery is a very exciting game especially when you hit the bull’s eye or the target.

In English folklore, Robin Hood is know as the best archer and swordsman. Many movies were made out of Robin Hood’s heroic life story. He robs the rich men and gave it to poor people.

Just play archery with caution and soon it will be your hobby. 

Hobby: Baking Cakes

Cakes are not only meant for those who have sweet tooth. Just a taste of it can brighten your day especially when it is exquisitely baked to finest. Oh I so love cakes! 

Cakes are present in most occasions. Kids love cakes for their birthdays. In a wedding, the slicing of it is one of the highlights of that important sweet moment for newly weds. According to traditions, the bigger the cake slice eaten the happier you can be. Even if traditions do not say that, a taste of a cake can make me smile what more a bigger slice of it that’s something.

Women love baking cakes. Although at first it will not look and taste perfect, but constant practice will make you a good cake baker. I know it may sound costly to have trial and errors in cake baking but the outcome of it is truly delightful – to bake a yummy and creamy cake for yourself and for others. 

Make it your hobby. Share your baked cakes to others! Share happiness with every bite of it! 

Hobby: Playing Tennis

When I was 13, I remember playing tennis with my classmates. We played on one of the pathways of our school. We didn’t took the liberty of knowing if the road is safe for us to play, then suddenly I stumbled and my knees were then bruised and wounded.

What’s with playing tennis that makes every sports enthusiasts love it more? Tennis is a sport played by two players or two teams composed of two players each. If played by 2s it is called singles and if two teams, it is called doubles. Players have rackets on their hand to strike the ball towards the side of the opponent. The objective of the game is to score by striking the ball towards your opponent’s side then hope he’ll miss it.

Another which makes me like tennis is the fact that it will trim down your body into its perfect shape. I just wish I have more idle time to use and play tennis.

May it be indoor or outdoor, tennis is a very good sport for everyone. Go to the nearest tennis court in your place and move your body like you’ve never moved it before. And see the result in few weeks time, for sure you’ll be amaze on how your new body will look, a whole new you. Make it your hobby, play tennis!

Hobby: Playing Basketball

The recently concluded NBA Finals gave me an idea of my next blog post which I know most youth and adults’ hobby, playing basketball. Sports fanatics didn’t miss the finals of NBA – Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thinder. The Heat bagged this year’s NBA Champion title. As expected, star players Lebron James and Dwayne Wade led the game. I am sure most of basketball players was inspired by the battle between the two teams.

I know most of boys today know how to play basketball. They even make it as their hobby. In school, at their own backyard, in a playground, a basketball court is always present. During summer, a basketball tournament is usually held to promote good sportsmanship among youth. Even at school, basketball is a main event during intamurals. Players of said game, are usually admired by fans and become instant famous at school.

On a more personal note, my late father was also a basketball player. He was even adjudged as the Most Valuable Player of his school during his time. I can still remember his stories of how girls cheered for him. (chuckles)

Basketball is a very good sport. This will help you achieve a fit body and an active mind. Make basketball as one of your hobbies.

Hobby: Watching Movies

I’m pretty sure that most of you love to watch movies. A movie-marathon perhaps is one of your past-time, your hobby. A popcorn on one hand and a cold drink on the other will definitely complete your movie watching.

For lovers, watching movie is on the top to-go-list. An intimate moment while watching movie at theaters and movie houses is preferred mostly by lovers. With this, you’ll get to know the feelings, emotions and interests of your partner while enjoying the movie at a cozy place.

For families, movie watching is one way to bond together. Our busy lives sometime hinder us from spending some quality time together thus causing little family feuds. But when you schedule a bonding activity like movie watching, these little misunderstandings will perish eventually.

In school, watching a movie is one educational activity that will help the students learn more about life. A movie with good material is sometimes chosen for movie analysis. Students will have to grasp the essence and lesson learned on the movie and jot them down on their reaction papers. With this, students will learn and enjoy school at the same time.

So, let us all support the movie industry. Who wants to live in a world with no movies? That will be a totally dull world if that happens. Make watching movies as your hobby.

Hobby: Wall Climbing

Dream of having climb Mt. Everest? Hey, hey, hey… you have a very difficult dream to reach. If you really desire to be literally on top and thinking of conquering your fear, why not try wall climbing. Instead of going to mountainous areas and putting your life at risk, no offense meant of course to those who are adventure seeker, give yourself a thought of experiencing heights the safest way.

rock climbing wall

Wall climbing is an indoor and outdoor sport which uses a very sturdy artificially made climbing wall made out of brick, wood or nowadays multiplex brand. There are climbing holds that are securely attached on the wall for climbers to cling in to. A heavy-duty rope is attached on the body of the climber to assure his safety.

You can attain a physically fit body after a series of scheduled wall climbing. An increase in stamina is manifested by engaging in this kind of sport. Not only that, you will be mentally fit because you will think of strategies to reach the top the safe and easy way without putting so much strain on your body.

Interested? Visit your local sports area to see if a climbing wall is available on their amenities. Just don’t forget to wear proper outfit with safety gear of course and one thing, think first if your body is ready to experience this kind of sport before doing it. Put wall climbing on your list of hobbies, you’ll surely find this sport very interesting.

Hobby: Kite Flying


Since summer is fast approaching, kite flying is a must-do hobby. The blowing wind under the warm sun is a perfect time to play kite.

Kids and adults love to see these flying objects dominate the sky during summer. Colorful kites of different shapes and designs are usually seen in open spaces.

An ordinary kite can be made even by youngsters, of course with proper guidance of adults in using sharp objects like scissors and knifes. The materials that you need are: strings, plastic cellophane as cover, adhesive glue and thin sticks. First, make a diamond shape body using the thin sticks with a cross-like interior body. Fixed it together by a string on every end. Next, cut the plastic cellophane  that measures a bit larger than the diamond body. You can use colorful plastic cellophane to make your kite more attractive. Fold all the edge of the sides inward and paste them by a sticky adhesive glue. You can add a tail on the bottom made of plastic cellophane cut into strips. Then attach a string from the body of the kite to grab hold of it. All you need is a strong powerful wind to blow your kite up in the air.

Isn’t it exciting? I’m sure you’ll love summer by playing kites. List it as one of your summer hobbies, you’ll be enjoying summer to the max.

Hobby: Cycling

Cool breeze.. warm rays of the sun.. dripping sweat that gives soothing feeling in the skin when blown by wind.. 

These are the reasons why cyclist enthusiasts devote most of their free time cycling down the streets, up of the mountains and across shallow rivers. Professional bikers carefully choose the best bicycle to ride into. Scrutinizing every details of the bike, knowing what to repair, knowing what’s the latest designs and accessories, are done routinely by cyclist.

bicycle parts
bicycle parts

Most beginners in cycling may look at the bicycle parts so unfamiliar and immaterial but for professionals, every bit of it counts. It is important to familiarize your bike for you to treasure it and love it. Proper care should be given on it to maintain its good quality which is free from rust and repair.

Those who are striving to lose weight, make cycling as part of their daily routine, their hobby. It helps you burn unnecessary body fat and calories which will make losing weight an easy part. Instead of buying or using a stationary bicycle, why not try biking. It will let you see the beauty of nature, the beauty of life. It adds few more years into your life because it will absolutely make you fit and healthy bundled with proper diet.

Make cycling as one of your hobbies. This is a hobby that you’ll surely enjoy.