Mc Do and Coca-Cola’s upside down glass collectibles

Yearly, Mc Donalds and Coca-Cola have something exciting for the holidays. This year they are offering these colorful glass collectibles that comes in assorted colors. In my photo below, we bought the colors purple, blue and green. How to get these upside down glasses? Just purchase any Mc Donalds Value Meal and add 25 pesos to get your desired glass. Collect all 6 colored limited edition glasses. Not in my picture are color aqua, charcoal and pink. And it would be a delight if I collect all these 6 glasses perfect for the upcoming holidays get together.


The First Birthday of my First Born

January 16, 2011 marked the Big Day for my son, Dominic, because he turned one (1). I never expected it to be that fun. The weather then was uncooperative, I have to call a number of guests because of my fear that the party will go to waste.
The party was held at Mc Donalds City Plaza.
Of course my son is not yet aware on what was happening during that day, he even fell asleep, still we want to give him a birthday bash that will surely makes him happy for the coming years.
But we were surpised when the kids arrived, the emcee even congratulated us by the kids’ attendance because they still arrived considering the bad weather during that day. Definitely, kids also adults enjoy the party as seen on their smiles & gestures.
My husband and I were very thakful that Dominic’s 1st Birthday Celebration was a success. Thank you Mc Donalds, thank you everyone!!!