Heavy Rainfall Flooded Naga City

Naga City, January 12, 2018, is experiencing the effect of heavy rainfall, FLOOD. After the non-stop rain from last night, this scenario started our day. See photos below…

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Commemorative Philippine 5 peso coin

I can still remember the time when I was still a banker, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) gives commemorative coins during seminars. And until now, I am thrilled every time I see a commemorative coin or bill. 

Just this afternoon, I got one, a 5-peso commemorative coin. With my busy schedule as a working mom, I rarely see one these days. And when I see one, it is so late that everyone might seen it already. Maybe this coin is already circulated in different parts of the country and it is just now that it came to my possession. 

This 5-peso commemorative coin is set to honor the 70th Anniversary of Leyte Gulf Landing (1944 – 2014). The images of General Douglas MacArthur with his troop returning to the Philippines to fulfill his promise, ‘I shall return’, is found in one side of the coin. At the background of the images, the repeating text of 70 Years Leyte Gulf Landing is seen.

On the other side, a text quoting some of Gen. MacArthur’s famous quotes, “I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God our forces stand again on Philippine soil – soil consecrated in the blood of our two peoples.” The five stars indicate the rank of Gen. Douglas MacArthur as a 5-star general. And the signature over the name of Gen. MacArthur can also be seen. And below, Republika ng Pilipinas is displayed in caps lock and there are repeating text of it in the background. The BSP Logo and 5 PISO are also shown.

In my early years, I can still remember the life and works of Gen. MacArthur. It is just right to honor him and give credit to all that he have done for the Philippines. His return marked as the beginning of the down fall of Japanese occupation in the Philippines. Many stories of cruelty were told during the Japanese invasion but one of the heroic stories that was ever told and still remembered is that of Gen. MacArthur’s.

Thank God Naga City is Now Safe From Super Typhoon Yolanda

I’m watching the horrifying videos of destruction caused by the Super Typhoon Yolanda shown on television, this made me Thank our Lord Almighty with the intercession of our Blessed Virgin of Peñafrancia that our city is now safe from this deathly typhoon and also made me feel pity for those who suffered from this catastrophy. Yolanda is said to be one of the disastrous typhoons ever recorded in the world. Naga City also experienced strong wind and heavy downpour of rain. Good thing that our street is not flooded considering that we live near the riverbank, no destruction in our house and nearby houses. I am thankful that we are now safe and hopeful for the fast recovery of all the victims of this typhoon. As reported earlier, typhoon Yolanda is now in Mindoro, I just hope and pray that they will survive typhoon Yolanda. Still, stay safe everyone.

Mc Do and Coca-Cola’s upside down glass collectibles

Yearly, Mc Donalds and Coca-Cola have something exciting for the holidays. This year they are offering these colorful glass collectibles that comes in assorted colors. In my photo below, we bought the colors purple, blue and green. How to get these upside down glasses? Just purchase any Mc Donalds Value Meal and add 25 pesos to get your desired glass. Collect all 6 colored limited edition glasses. Not in my picture are color aqua, charcoal and pink. And it would be a delight if I collect all these 6 glasses perfect for the upcoming holidays get together.


The Price of Rice

Asian countries like the Philippines, have high demands on rice. Almost all of the population can’t complete a meal without eating rice. And what will happen to us if our number one food necessity continues to be increasing in prices. Definitely, all of us will suffer, most especially those who lack fortune in life.

To think that the Philippines have vast lands for agriculture, how come that we are still suffering from scarcity of rice thus increasing its price. When we travel going to the neighboring towns of our city, ricefields covered with newly planted rice plant or when during harvest season, the fields are blooming with thick golden ‘palays’ awaiting to be picked and cut. 

Personally, I can’t eat without rice, that’s why I’m affected by this because as a mom I need to straighten our budget to meet our everyday demands and needs. I do hope someday that this problem of our country will be fixed the soonest.

We bought only 5 kilos to have a taste test of the rice. Lucky that the rice tastes good, just to compromise to the high price of it. Just sharing my thought. : ) 

Ms. Philippines Megan Young is Ms. World 2013

Finally, the Ms. World 2013 crown now belongs to the Philippines. Actress Megan Young is Ms. World 2013. As a Filipino, I am honored to hear that she won. I keep on tracking through the web who will emerge as the winner, when suddenly I received a personal message from facebook revealing the good news for our nation that Young won. Congratulations Ms. Megan Young you’ve proven that Filipinas are deserving to bag all the crown titles of beauty pageants in the world. Photo below is from andronico.wordpress.com


Latest Buzz: 1st Jesse Robredo Day

It’s been a year since our beloved former Naga City Mayor and then DILG Secretary, Jesse M. Robredo, died in a tragic plane crash. The whole nation expressed its deep sympathy over his loss. What we felt here in Naga City during those days, is that we lost our knight in shining armor who initiated progress to our city. Now that our city is recognized and set a mark on the map of our nation, we owe a part of it to Sec. Jess.

Just this morning, a day before Sec. Jess 1st death anniversary, my husband and I went to Eternal Gardens, Naga City to visit my father’s grave, we happened to see men working on the place where Sec. Jess lay peacefully. They are busy cleaning and preparing the place for tomorrow’s commemoration.

Yellow flags waving in the air, tarpaulins announcing the activities tomorrow and banners of acknowledgment are now seen on Eternal Gardens and all over the city. You can feel how grateful the people of Naga City to have Sec. Jess as a part of their lives.

Tomorrow, August 18 is Jesse Robredo Day, many activities are lined up, I just hope that everything will not only end there. And may Sec. Jess’ vision be embodied to every Filipino, to serve the people and country with pride and dignity.

Halalan 2013

I believe that the Commission on Elections is all set for this forthcoming National and Local Election. The Philippines will once again prove to the world the essence of democracy, invoking every citizen’s right to vote. After months of suing and laying their flat forms of government, the political candidate will face the people’s verdict on May 13, 2013. Staring 7 o’clock in the morning polling precincts will be ready to accept voters. Be sure to have in mind your own list of candidates that you favor to avoid consuming all your time deciding who will you vote for.

Here in Naga City, I am glad that election-related violence is not rampant. Year after year, I know everyone of us pray for a peaceful and successful election. Only 3 days left on the countdown, and we will see the outcome of this election. I may say that most of the registered voters of Naga City are intellectual voters. Because we have seen how our past local leaders managed the economy of the city. I just hope and pray that since Naga City was handled with utmost care by the previous city mayors, the successors of leadership will continue and even strive more to make Naga City one of the progressive but peaceful cities to live in.

Godspeed. Let’s just hope that the result of the Halalan 2013 will be a success. Good luck to all vying for positions in the government. Just don’t forget all your promises to the people once you have been elected.

Let your votes be counted!

March is Fire Prevention Month

March is the Fire Prevention Month. This may be a late post for this event but I have to make one because my son loves fire trucks. I don’t know if he’s thinking of becoming a Fire Marshall someday. He just loves toy fire trucks as seen on his toy collections. Whenever he hears the siren of those trucks, he becomes aware that the Fire Department will respond to another fire incident.


As always, we are reminded on the precautionary measures that should be taken to prevent these fire incidents. You can merely save a little of your property out of a blazing fire or worst you can save none. The Bureau of Fire campaigns to the people of how to prevent fire, like:

  • Never left an open stove or a lighted candle unattended,
  • Always check the condition of electrical wires to avoid faulty wirings,
  • Keep combustible items out of reach of children


It is always better to keep your houses safe from fire than seeing yourself saving your hard-earned belongings. Be aware most of the time.

Latest Buzz: Daniel Padilla Craze

Screaming girls, shouting the name “DANIEL PADILLA”, this is a common scenario on every Daniel Padilla’s mall shows and TV appearances. Girls go crazy over Daniel Padilla.


photo courtesy of www.bazics.net

photo courtesy of www.bazics.net

Daniel came from the popular Padilla Clan; son of actor, Rommel Padilla, and actress, Karla Estrada. That may be one of the reasons why he’s into the entertainment business, he’s an actor by blood. News said that although Daniel is a Padilla, he’s path to show business was not that easy and even almost gave up his dream of becoming an actor. But now, he has proven himself to the industry. As to popularity, I think Daniel Padilla is one of the hottest young stars today. I personally saw teenagers dying to see and meet Daniel in person in one of his mall shows. And they even bother chasing his van when he left the premises of the mall. What a scene! Anyway, that makes teenage years exciting and colorful. During the recently concluded P-pop Himig Handog Love Songs, Daniel grabbed some of the awards for his interpreted song, Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat, who garnered most votes over the radio and television. And just last March 13, 2013, his Must Be Love movie together with his love team, Kathryn Bernardo, is really a sure hit. Kathniel, as what Daniel and Kathryn’s fans would call their team up, had already captured the hearts of viewers nationwide. Their soap on ABS-CBN, Princess and I, had been a tremendous success and became a household topic. Let’s just see if their team up will blossom into something romantic, and we’ll also see if the craze over Daniel Padilla will continue through time.