Next Destination: Kinder City at Vista Mall Naga City

Vista Mall Naga at Del Rosario, Naga City has something to offer very soon for kids and kids at heart out there, the Kinder City. It is located near the Vista Mall Cinema. The Kinder City is still in the process of finishing up the details. I’m pretty sure that every one will be delighted to see what’s inside once they open it to public. There’s a big bear to sit on for picture taking purpose.

Another addition to our list of places of leisure. Naga City is really one happy place. Watch out for the opening of Kinder City very soon. 

Next Destination: Chef & Baker

If you are craving for fluffy bread, cakes and pastries, Chef & Baker is a must-visit place. Luckily, I happened to find where their shop is located. It is located at Citrine Building along Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City in front of Bob Marlin Restaurant. 

Chef & Baker has many delicious breads and cakes to offer. I have tasted several of them and I can honestly say that you will be asking for more especially their creamy ensaymada. They have this box of assorted cookies, if I can still recall and if I am not mistaken, there are butter, cinnamon, coconut flavors. 

Their shelves are full of yummy pastries to choose from. So come and visit Chef & Baker and you will surely be delighted by their products.

Photo 101: Beautiful Germany

During my constant chat over Facebook messenger with my sister in Netherlands, she sent me these lovely photos which she said are the beautiful places in Germany which she managed to photographed.





Germany is indeed very beautiful. I just hope someday I will have the chance to visit the place. Thank you my dear sister for these photos. 😉

Next Destination: Que Pasa

Naga City lies at the heart of Bicolandia. It is now recognized as a pilgrim city because of the growing numbers of devotees who came from all over the world just to visit Our ‘Ina’, the Virgin of Penafrancia. Along with it, tourism flourished and restaurants sprouted like mushrooms from different parts of the city. And just recently, near the vicinity of Naga Metropolitan Cathedral, a new restaurant was opened. It is the Que Pasa, a Spanish word which means What’s Up or How’s it going, normally, a casual greeting between friends. As the name of the restaurant suggests, it will be a perfect place for catching up, getting along or just simply hanging out.

How to reach Que Pasa? From the historical Plazas of Quince Martires, Quezon and Rizal, you can reach Que Pasa by walking the streets of General Luna or Elias Angeles towards Naga Metropolitan Cathedral. When you reach the entrance of the Cathedral where the Porta Mariae stand, you can now see the resto.

Que Pasa

Side view of Que Pasa


The old parameter fence and the entrance of the Abella Family’s property were retained to have the Spanish look of the resto even from outside. And for those who wants to reach the place faster, tricycles and jeepneys are available just say the location.

How to Order in Que pasa? At the entrance a very accommodating receptionist will assist you.She will ask your name and write it in a durable paper placemat which will serve as your personalized plate. She will also instruct you on how to make your order.

the beautiful receptionist at Que Pasa with our son Dominic

And with the paper placemat, you proceed to the open bazaar of foods. The foods are prepared just in front of you. You can see how they grill the meat, how they dip it in the sauce and how they arrange the side dishes and rice.

The food counter on the left side and the cashier far behind

Here are the steps in making your meal: First, choose your meat. Choose among chicken, pork, baby back ribs and tuna. Second, choose your sauce. Here are the options, the que pasa, chili xocolate, cervesa negra and bicol. Third, choose your sides. There are laing, bicol express, pinangat, judias blancas, corn on a cab, grilled veggies, paprika mashed potatoes, tinutungan mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Fourth, choose your rice. Laing rice and pimenton garlic rice are available. But there are also plain rice and beans if you desired to have one.

the instruction on how to order your meal

After all the foods are set on your tray, you proceed to the counter and you can order the drinks that you want before paying. Then you can now find the best area in the resto where you can enjoy your meal.

How does Que Pasa look like? There is a big, open, high-covered hall that serves as the dining area. And a noticeably large name of the resto in neon light hang high above. The chairs and tables are arranged casually.

the hall

the 3 of us

At the entrance, Spanish designed wall and chandelier will amaze resto goers. You can have photo ops on the wall. By the way Que Pasa is open from 10 in the morning to 11 in the evening as seen on the blackboard in the photo below.


When it comes to the restrooms, the painted artwork of a man for men’s room and a woman for the ladies’ room indicates the gender to where you are going to enter. 

ladies’ room

mens’ rooms

Even the hallway towards the restrooms is beautifully designed. There is a large painting which shows the trade between Spain and the Philippines during the Spanish era. Colorful plates hang also on the wall which are very attractive to look at.

hallway towards the restrooms

I was also impressed to see a faucet with large barrels as sink and also the large circular mirror with electric light bulbs. 

washing area

Here are some of the decorations that we’ve seen at Que Pasa. Actually, the moment that my son saw the designs and decorations of the resto, he blurted out the film the Book of Life. We were very pleased that he associated and remembered it with the film. And I agree with him, some of the artworks were a bit similar to the film. Why can’t he forget it, he loves the film so much. I don’t have a photo of the cashier counter, the images on the mural of Maria and Manolo were recognized by my son. 

cabinet of jars and dolls

wall frame

on one of the walls

Que Pasa is really a wonderful place to go to. We went there at lunchtime. The summer heat affects a bit in the coziness of the place, although during our visit there, we can also feel the breeze of air from outside which somehow lessen the warm temperature. I think it is better if you come here by 6 o’clock in the evening, by that time, it will be a bit cooler. 

my family

We tried it. We saw it. We loved it. Visit Que Pasa!

Next Destination: Naga City, Camarines Sur (Downtown)

One fine early Saturday morning, my husband and I decided to take a walk to downtown Naga City. Naga City is located in the heart of the Camarines Sur province, in the Bicol Region. I took my digicam with me and take pictures of what to see in downtown Naga City.

For the past years, Naga City is continuously showing the whole nation its existence. In terms of financial development, banks sprout in Naga City. 





When on a trip to Naga City, the first thing most travellers do is to stop by and eat sumptuous dishes. So here are some of the available restaurants and fast food chains in the city.

Small and large gatherings are usually held in parks and plaza. In Naga City, there are 3 major place where parades, gatherings, concerts for free are held. 

The two photos above is taken from one of the plazas, this is the Plaza Quince Martires. As the name connotes, the 15 Bicolano martyrs are given tribute in this plaza.

This is the Plaza Rizal, named after our National Hero, Jose P. Rizal which a monument was built on his honor.

This is the Plaza Quezon. Here numerous parade competition, live band performances, beauty contests, rally and whatever social gatherings are held.

Downtown Naga City offers a number of hotels, and here are some of these:

This is the Starview Hotel located at Elias Angeles St., Naga City. 

This is the Crown Hotel, located also at Elias Angeles St., Naga City. This is near Plaza Quezon.

The newest hotel in Naga City, the Eurotel. This is situated near the Naga City People’s Mall formerly the Naga City Supermarket. Actually I took this shot before this hotel has opened its operation for the public, that is why it is not yet finished. 

When buying for your necessities while here in Naga City, there are a lot of stores in here and some of these are:

This is the newly renovated and named Naga City People’s Mall. I heard news from my elderly way back when I was young, that this was once the biggest public market in Asia. And with the leadership of our beloved Mayor John Bongat, this was transformed into one public mall where you can find most of your household needs.

Here is another new establishment in Naga City, the Puregold Centro Naga and LCC Department Store. 

Other than the photos I showed you, there are still a lot of hotels, stores, restaurants and establishments in Naga City, its just that I only took some photos which are the ones that I posted here. Anyway, I’ll post again some more the next time I have a scheduled walk with my husband at downtown Naga City. 🙂

Next Destination: Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is a must-visit place in Manila. There you will see the creatures living in the deep blue sea. Actually we already see for ourselves the magnificent view in Manila Ocean Park. When we came to Manila last April 2012, we didn’t miss our chance to visit it.

Tickets are sold at Php. 400.00 for adults and Php. 350.00 for kids below 4 ft.

There are lots of different fishes at Manila Ocean Park all group into its specific classification and kinds. My son enjoyed watching all the fishes. He even joked us through his actions that he is attempting to eat the fishes. He ran on the side of the big aquariums chasing the fishes.

Fishes are of different sizes and features

This fish above is scary with its color and bulging eyes, kids and adults will definitely be startled once they see this very odd looking fish.

Who can’t forget these cute little fishes which starred in one of Disney-Pixar Movies entitled “Nemo”? These adorable clown fishes are sure to catch your eyes when you visit Manila Ocean Park. Their colorful stripes of orange, white and black are very attractive which even in that rocky aquarium their colors radiate.

This big aquarium is truly amazing. You will have the chance to see sharks, sting rays and other big fishes for real. 

This is another one memorable experience for our son, Dominic. With that happy smile on his face, he was definitely contented with what he saw inside the Oceanarium.

Bring your family with you and experience Manila Ocean Park for yourself. 

Don’t forget to visit Manila Ocean Park when you come to Manila. Enjoy Life, enjoy at Manila Ocean Park!

Next Destination: Tagaytay Highlands

I never thought that I will enter the gates of Tagaytay Highlands. It was a fine sunny day during our visit to Tagaytay City when my husband’s aunt, one of Tagaytay Highlands executives, invited us to pay her a visit at the highlands. The road to the Highlands is far and out of route. When we reached the main entrance, automatically the guards stopped us and asked us where we are heading and who invited us. Tagaytay Highlands will only be entered by guests with invitation from members and executives.


I was astonished to see how beautiful Tagaytay Highlands is. All the amenities that a 5-star recreation area are available in the Highlands. The place is so green, as if nature is embracing you tightly. The majestic Taal Volcano and the famous Taal Lake are seen in full view. You will definitely enjoy your stay in Tagaytay Highlands.

Experience a luxurious life, free from worries here in Tagaytay Highlands. There are four destinations to choose from:

  • Golf and Country Clubs – Golf enthusiasts must come and see for themselves the two Golf Clubs of Tagaytay Highlands namely, the Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Club and the Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club. Both of these golf clubs have 18-holes golf courses. The cool breeze and the magnificent view will entice the players to play more to their satisfaction. Aside from the golf clubs, Tagaytay Highlands has The Country Club if you are still looking for more sports and recreations.
  • The Highlands – Located on the highest elevated part of the Highlands, there are log cabins where in you can experience the beauty on top and of heights. The climate at that area is definitely colder and the breathtaking views on top will make you want to stay longer.
  • The Midlands – Experience living by the lake at the Midlands. Here you can find themed houses with intricately designed architecture and culture display of different countries. Not only that, one of the Golf Clubs is situated in this area.
  • The Greenlands – The park, the pool and other usual amenities are in here but in a less complicated way. You will realize that it is possible to enjoy life and preserve the beauty of nature at the same time.


We had our snacks at their resto. The meal was great and it is worth the price.

Dominic tried one of the manually operated rides in the Children’s Playground. He was so happy as seen on his chubby face.

This is the Children’s Playground, it’s a mini playground where kids visiting Tagaytay Highlands will sure to enjoy.

Tagaytay Highlands maintains a clean and green environment. The trees are standing straight and tall. That’s the reason why even during summertime, cool breeze still engulfs the place. The shade by the trees is perfect if you want to stroll the vicinity of Tagaytay Highlands.

After a tiring but fun tour at the highlands, an infinity pool is sure to ease the tiredness. A cool dip in the pool with nature as a background will really your day.

We had a great fun during our visit to Tagaytay Highlands. It is indeed one place worth remembering.

Thank you Auntie Myr for this wonderful experience.

Come and experience Tagaytay Highlands!

Next Destination: Naga Metropolitan Cathedral – Naga City, Camarines Sur

Naga Metropolitan Cathedral

When visiting Naga City, Camarines Sur, don’t forget to drop by Naga Metropolitan Cathedral. It is considered as an historical landmark. Students attending religious school found via this site may
especially want to make the trip.

Patroness of Bicolandia, Our Lady of Penafrancia, stay with this church for 9 days during Penafrancia Festival. A long procession of devotees and guests lead the image of Penafrancia to Naga Metropolitan Cathedral. Series of novenas and masses are usually conducted during her stay. 

Porta Mariae

A door to sacredness, Porta Mariae, now stand at the entrance of the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral grounds. This structure was built in line with the celebration of 300 years of devotion to Our Lady of Penafrancia.

Sharing this magnificent Cathedral of Naga City to Green Monday and BPC!!!

Awesome Sight from The Netherlands

The Netherlands – A country of wealth, of splendid and awesome places. As I was arranging the pictures in my laptop, I happen to see this magnificent photo from the gallery of pictures during my sister’s wedding at The Netherlands. This is the type of photograph that people who have taken online classes in photography learn to take. 

The Netherlands at Night

This was taken from the window pane of the hotel where my sister’s wedding reception was held. It is truly a beautiful sight, the city is seen from there. The city lights, full grown trees, towering buildings are gleaming magnificently at night. I just wish I can visit my sister’s place in the near future, so that I can appreciate The Netherlands not only in pictures but for real.

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Next Destination: Music Box (Naga Regent Hotel)

Last December 10, 2011, our peer group, Peppingz Amigos, enjoyed one of the amenities of Naga Regent Hotel, the Music Box. There are four cubicles available for customers to enjoy. Sizes of which vary along with the rental. The food was great, considering that one known restaurant here in Naga City, the Oyster Villa Restaurant, caters the food.

The Music Box is a videoke room with good audio and video reception for customers who love to sing or trying to love singing. It is found in the Heart of the Bicol Region, Naga City. It is situated within the perimeters of Naga Regent Hotel Guests will surely enjoy the place. So if you’re looking for a place to hang out, why not try the Music Box coz you’ll be singing like a pro!