Next Destination: Chef Mama at Robinsons Place Naga

Visiting Naga City is really a remarkable experience. You got to experience a simple yet urban life. There are many churches to visit. And what most people look for, there are a lot of restaurants to dine in to.

At Robinsons Place Naga, you can check out this restaurant who serves deliciously good food. At the al fresco of Robinsons place, 2nd level, you can find CHEF MAMA. It was our first time to eat at Chef Mama. The food was great, you just have to wait for quite a while to enjoy your meal.

Here are some of the foods we ordered:

There are other foods to choose from. The prices are affordable, which can definitely encourage everyone to try and visit Chef Mama.

See how my son enjoyed his meal. One satisfied customer indeed.

Come and visit Chef Mama.



Photo 101: Windmills of The Netherlands

The Netherlands is truly a wonderful place to live in as seen on this picture and as told by my sister.

Windmills are very common in Holland. These are of great use and importance for them. Before, windmills are only used for milling grain in their production of food, but, nowadays, these were adapted for the production of electricity. Some use them to pump waters for land drainage and to extract ground waters.

 Windmills are very attractive view in that country. The Netherlands give much attention on preserving nature by using these natural and environment-friendly windmills in their country’s industrial growth. I’m sure I will be amazed to see these for real. Anyway, I’ll only be contented on seeing these in pictures. Thanks neni for this picture.


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Next Destination: Music Box (Naga Regent Hotel)

Last December 10, 2011, our peer group, Peppingz Amigos, enjoyed one of the amenities of Naga Regent Hotel, the Music Box. There are four cubicles available for customers to enjoy. Sizes of which vary along with the rental. The food was great, considering that one known restaurant here in Naga City, the Oyster Villa Restaurant, caters the food.

The Music Box is a videoke room with good audio and video reception for customers who love to sing or trying to love singing. It is found in the Heart of the Bicol Region, Naga City. It is situated within the perimeters of Naga Regent Hotel Guests will surely enjoy the place. So if you’re looking for a place to hang out, why not try the Music Box coz you’ll be singing like a pro!

Bora Hut II: The Newest Gimik Place in Naga City

Looking for beer, drinks and sumptuous foods? Well, Naga City has this place where you can have drinks that you want  and foods that you crave for a very affordable price. Groups of yuppies, professionals, barkadas and even families plunge into this newest gimik place because of its very relaxing ambiance. The place is located beside the riverbank of the Naga City River. It is located at the busy street of Penafrancia Avenue, Naga City. It’s only a 3-minute ride from downtown centro of Naga City. It is accessible from all types of vehicle, as accessible as traveling towards  the area by walking. 

The place is secured with security personnel. The noticeably masculine body of the security men will somehow threaten those who will cause trouble in the place.

Try Bora Hut II. You will surely add this in your favorite gimik destinations.


Next Destination: Tagaytay City

Tagaytay City is considered to be the second summer capital of the Philippines next to Baguio City. With its location which is 2500 above sea level, it has a cool climate that is quite comparable to Baguio City. So tourists enjoy going there during hot season. Tagaytay is very accessible to travelers. It is just a bus-ride from Manila for commuters like me. No need to worry for those who will use their private cars to get there, there are public signs that will aid you in going to said place.

Tagaytay is well-known for its majestic Taal Volcano. Taal really awes every traveler. Its magnificent location which is surrounded by Taal Lake wherein you can take a trip towards the volcano by boat.

My husband and I, got the chance to take a view of the volcano during our post-wedding escapade last April 2-4, 2009. Taal then was slightly covered by fogs. There are many available hotels, lodging houses and inns in Tagaytay. We stayed at Taal Vista Hotel because we can see in full view the volcano and at the same time, we can enjoy the elegance and comfort of hotel-living.

At night, you can feel the cold, romantic and tranquil breeze that soothes your skin. It’s a great place for romantic dinners with your love.

I really love Tagaytay City. Hope I can go back there and experience again its relaxing atmosphere.