Advise 101: How to Make Your Wife Happy

‘Happy wife, happy life’ – this is a common quotation for married couples. But how can you make your wife happy? We’ll this is a big question. It is not easy to please women especially your wife. Wives have different moods and temper too. Here are some tips for you husbands out there:

  • Treat your wife as a queen and you as her king. You don’t have to be a servant who serves the queen. I often see men carrying the bag of her wife leaving her nothing to carry. This gesture may be loved by some girls but not for me.
  • Be sensitive always. She can be moody sometimes. All you have to do is to carry with you always a basket full of patience. Because after all these roller-coaster-ride emotions, you will find the little girl inside her waiting to be pampered.
  • Always think of her welfare. Wives need their husbands most of the times. Be with her always, because everything that you do for her, she looks at you as her hero.
  • If you love her, love more her family. A wife is happier if she can see and feel that her husband loves her family (her father, mother, siblings and extended family). As what my parents told me, always be good to your in-laws. It is hard to rebuild a broken (in-laws) relationship.
  • Appreciate everything about her. It is better to say to your wife that you are grateful for everything that she’s doing, all the things that she did for your family and for you. You can send her simply gifts or notes to show how much you appreciate her.
  • Lastly, love her like you have never loved her before. Love her more each passing day. Make everyday a memorable one. Less arguments, more love.

Always bear in mind that God gave you one person whom you will spend the rest of your life with. Be thankful and don’t let anybody steal her from you. ?

Sisterly Advice: Dealing with In-laws

Have plans of getting married? Wait!!! Are you ready to deal with your in-laws?

Dealing with in-laws is one of the top reasons why most of us are hesitant to enter married life. Aside from your wife or husband to be, there are other persons whom you slightly knew or worst stranger to you will be bumping into your life.

Tips on how to deal with your wife or husband’s family:

– Treat them as your own family. If you are treating your husband or wife as a big part of your life, you should also welcome into your life your in-laws. By this, your partner will feel complete acceptance of him/her into your life.

– Respect them. I’m sure, your relationship with them will not always be perfect. During rough times when all you feel for them is hate and annoyance, bear in mind that all you need to do is respect them and hope that all the disputes between you will end. According to some, you may have arguments with your biological family but prevent to have even a misunderstanding with your in-laws because it’s harder to patch things up when it happens with them.

– Try to know their interests. To have a harmonious life together, each one must know each likes and dislikes. During small talks or a get-together, a good conversation can avoid dull moments. You can ask things that they are interested in during discussions.

These can somehow relieve your hesitance on dealing with your in-laws. Enjoy your life, enjoy also the company of your in-laws.

Sisterly Advice: Managing Finances

Today, wherein the world is on crisis, managing our finances is a must do. Necessities first before luxuries, needs first before wants, that should be the order of priorities. It may sound and look hard knowing that we will somehow be deprived of having all we want, but it is for the better good.

Here are some points to ponder when managing finances:

– Make it a habit to budget your salary so that you can satify all your expenses. Don’t spend more than you earn. List down all the estimated expenses and deduct it from the net salary. In life, expect the worst, you may not want it but we have to prepare for some future needs.

– Look for other means to improve your finances. Some engage in part-time jobs. This is a sure aid in sustaining your financial needs. After working in an office, others manage a mini store. With our world’s present condition, it is not right to reject a job offer without trying it. So, grab every opportunity that come your way as long as it is right and lawful.

So stretch your finances to the limit. It is better to manage your finances before its too late.

Sisterly Advice: Finding Mr. Right

It’s a common scenario wherein a woman or a man falls in love at first sight. Fireworks, butterflies, flowers, singing birds appear in an instant, it’s like everything is perfect, right and wonderful. But is this really the beginning of a girl’s search for Mr. Right?

Every girl has her own stories of love. Some are triumphant and some emerged as losers. What really are the characteristics of Mr. Right that a girl is looking for? My advice to girls out there that it is better that your suitor love you more than you love him, but not too much gap of course. Because, it is natural for us women to seek affection, attention from him which I believe will be achieved more if the guy admire more the girl. Another is, your suitor must be God-fearing. If he loves God and obeys all his commandments, you will not encounter the most common problem among married couple, infedility. I also advice that during the wooing period, a girl should allow their suitor to converse with her family. This is to see whether your lover is sincere that he is not only marrying you but your whole family as well. Girls should bear in mind that respect should be built between your lover and your family. That it should be clear to your suitor that you also love your family, and every pain that they will experience will also be felt by you. Another advice is, learn to retain even a bit of respect for yourself. If you girls feel that your person is being trampled by your husband, try to voice out your pain. If things get worst, just make sure that you still have that strength within you to help redeem your self from a downfall.

If you love your husband or your partner, better love your self also, because it is more efficient to love if you know you have all the love within you.

Sisterly Advice: Intro

I love to give advices to those who need one. So, I decided to have this column wherein I can freely express and give my advice to certain topics which are causing too much trouble on our daily life particularly to girls out there. Top psychology schools know that everyone could use a little help figuring things out from time to time.

I may not be your sister but I am very much willing to give my sisterly advice to you. You can email me for questions, problems and queries that are boggling you and I will answer it wholeheartedly in my site. Hope to hear something from you my sisters!!!