Green Monday: Dominic on Green

It’s Monday again. I’m thinking over the past few days if Ria will still have this Green Monday Meme because she is now having her labor pains, which ended up as false labors only. I’m glad that she posted her third green monday meme.

I looked into our compilation of photos, then I saw my son, Dominic, wearing green. I really love this photo because he smiles with all his heart.. : )


  1. He look handsome in green.
    My Greens, have a great week ahead.

  2. Following your blog MommY.

  3. aww hope you’ll have a safe delivery.

  4. such a cutie pie. Mine is up – My GLM

  5. yeah, he did… all smiles! so cute! melts our heart away! visiting your green monday entry!

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