Kids’ Corner: 5-star Reward in School

A single star shines brightly, how about 5 Stars? Five (5) stars stamped on the hands of my son mean a lot to him and to us, parents. We can see the transformation of our son’s smile whenever he receives a star or stars. His smile varies with the number of stars that he receives. The more he gets, the happier he gets of course. It is very rewarding also for us, that our son is giving his best in school. As a token for being good in school, a simple gift excites him.

Dom’s 5 stars

This manner of acknowledging the strength and capabilities of student really help in motivating them to do good in school. For us adults, counting 1 to 100 and reciting alphabets from A to Z may sound easy, but it is very hard for preschoolers who are just learning the basic things in life. So when their teacher stamped stars, great or good job sign on their hand, they feel that they have achieved something after a long day in school.

Like what Milo’s famous commercial tagline says, ‘Great things start from small beginnings’, these small achievements from our little ones can become great triumphs in the future. Molding and rewarding them as early as today, will have great impact on their personality and perception of life.

Don’t ignore everything that your children do. Nurture the gift and talent that they have. Parents should be their number one supporters, mentors and fans. Be proud of your kids! Let them shine like their stars. 😉

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