Kids’ Corner: Bedtime Stories

Bedtime story telling is usually done by mothers to their kids, in our family’s case, the father will take part some of the story telling nights. Before going to bed, my son will get some of his books and me or his father read it aloud for him. What we do in some of the books, we let our son read it first in the manner that he wants it and later we will just explain and correct some mispronounced words. He is only 5 years old and it is still acceptable if does not pronounce some of the words correctly. All we have to do as parents is to guide and teach them.

Father and son

Reading books take them into new worlds, new adventures. My son sometimes re-enact what is in the book. He role plays. He transformed into a superhero, a cute animal and a man of different profession depending on the story. By this acts, we knew that he loved the story and absorbed whatever values that was taught in it.

Parents should devote some of their precious time reading stories for their kids. This will be a very intellectual way of bonding with your children and at the same time, you will help them nurture the knowledge that they have. May it be night or day, if your kids ask you to read stories during your idle time, never hesitate to read one for them.

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