Kids’ Corner: Helping Kids Conquer Stage Fright

December 18, 2014, Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines. Colorful, amazing costumes were displayed during the parade of cute little kids and teeners as part of Minds that Matter’s 10th Year Celebration. Of course, we dressed up our chubby cutie Dominic as Russell in the Disney movie Up, which some say, he really nailed the character. See his cute picture below (pardon my bragging for I am his proud mom..chuckles)..

Dominic as Russell

Do you know what makes us again really proud of our son and his school? It is that sense of acceptance, that whatever your child looks like, how good or not he acts, dances, sings on stage, do not matter. Minds that Matter let their every student perform, they let each student shine, that is the most important. Just to stand in front of the crowd needs a lot of confidence. So, hurray to all the students for a job well done. And to all the teachers who gave their best performance for the said event.

Dominic with Teacher Amy

Dominic with his Teacher Jaster

Dominic with his classmates and Teacher Mia

I have nothing against with other school, it’s just that I am proud of what our son becomes in the short span of almost 2 years in Minds that Matter. He gains confidence, conquers stage fright and learns how to deal with his co-performers with courtesy.

Up on stage

Even in out of school events like parties and the like, we don’t have to force Dominic to join in games. Just recently he made an impromptu performance with a mob of dancers from SM City Naga. We were so happy to see him danced with great dancers of SM City Naga.

We are thankful to Minds for giving proper and balanced education to our son. Happy 10th year Minds that Matter! May you have more successful years to come. 😉

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