Kidzooona Experience

Yey! Kidzooona is here to bring happy memories to your children. Just like what my son experienced during his visit at Kidzooona. Seeing his happy smiles all the time while playing, made me feel that he is now growing up so fast and he should be having this kind of experience once in a while. 

At the entrance of Kidzooona, I can already see Dominic’s excited face.

Witness how he enjoyed his 4-hour stay at Kidzooona. Here are some of his photos:

He rolled like a hamster. Overcoming his body weight to move this giant roller.

He played dress-up and acted as real sushi and burger boy. Dom was very happy, when a kid bought one of his burgers. 

He swam in these thousand balls. Carelessly enjoyed the feeling of these balls touching his body.

See how Dom enjoyed Kidzooona. Visit them and let your child feel the wonderful feeling of being a child.





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