Next Destination: Chef Mama at Robinsons Place Naga

Visiting Naga City is really a remarkable experience. You got to experience a simple yet urban life. There are many churches to visit. And what most people look for, there are a lot of restaurants to dine in to.

At Robinsons Place Naga, you can check out this restaurant who serves deliciously good food. At the al fresco of Robinsons place, 2nd level, you can find CHEF MAMA. It was our first time to eat at Chef Mama. The food was great, you just have to wait for quite a while to enjoy your meal.

Here are some of the foods we ordered:

There are other foods to choose from. The prices are affordable, which can definitely encourage everyone to try and visit Chef Mama.

See how my son enjoyed his meal. One satisfied customer indeed.

Come and visit Chef Mama.



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