Fire Prevention Month 2014

March is Fire Prevention Month. Last January, one of the itineraries during our son’s educational tour is a Fire station, The Chin Po Tong Fire Brigade. And there they were taught about the basic things to know about fire, what causes fire and how to prevent fire. They were asked to do the drill on how to evade from the blazing fire when it happens inside the house. And also they were taught on how they will remove the fire on their clothes.  That was one very educational field trip for my son. After that visit, he loves playing the role of a fireman wearing yellow outfit and carrying that big hose in his hands. 

A promotional and educational DVD was given after the tour entitled Sunog Sagip Buhay which has fire safety tips to watch and learn.

For $19 Billion, Facebook buys WhatsApp

With the growing demand on online communication, WhatsApp remains to be on top as compared to other messaging giants like Twitter and Skype. And Facebook Messenger only ranks second to WhatsApp on its share in the global market, and this caused Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decide to acquire WhatsApp for $19 Billion. WhatsApp has 450 million users all over the globe and continues to increase by a million daily. According to a study conducted by OnDevice Research, for smartphones, WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app.

I already tried using WhatsApp as a messaging app and indeed it is very efficient and effective way to communicate globally. And since Facebook is still the number 1 social networking site, buying WhatsApp will sure to remain on top as messaging app. Enjoy this new collaboration between Facebook and WhatsApp!

A Handsome Man Wears Arrow Clothing

Fashion should not only be for women, more so, it should also be for men. Nobody wants to see a fashionable girl with an awkwardly looking boy with her. Of course, we all want that both should look awesome. For my man, I want him to look at his best. He is a professional, so I want him to have a more formal and professionally looking outfit. We’ve bought clothes from different men clothing brand and now he loves this Arrow Clothing brand. The first time he laid his eyes on this short sleeve polo, he loved it. The color and texture is perfect. And so as the fitting on him. 

Arrow is said to be in business for more than 160 years, catering different formal men’s wear. They have all kinds of design from exquisitely designed long sleeves to assorted accessories. Arrow Since 1851 tag is very inviting, to survive this far, I’m pretty sure they attained the right market and loyalty of his valued customers all over the globe. 

So when planning to buy a gift for a special someone, be sure to include Arrow Clothing brand on your list. 

Hobby: Cooking Indian Adobo

Adobo is one of the most common and famous dish in the Philippines. And throughout the world, Filipinos are always associated with with menu. Cooking Adobo is easy. But sometimes, we need to add something in it to make it more exciting to eat. How about mixing Indian and Filipino culture in a dish? India is famous for their spicy foods mostly with curry powder as an ingredient. Now you know why I call it as Indian Adobo, it is because of the curry powder that I put on my Adobo. It’s very obvious I guess. (chuckles)

Here’s how to cook Indian Adobo:

In a hot frying pan, saute’ 3 cloves of chopped garlic and 1 medium sized onion, when golden brown, put the 1/2 adobo cut pork and cook it until near tender. Pour 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup soy sauce and 1 tablespoon fish sauce (patis). Add 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon black pepper, 3 laurel leaves and a bit of seasoning. Add 1 tablespoon of curry powder, this makes our Adobo yellowish in color. When it is nearly cooked that the vinegar and soy sauce are already absorbed by the meat, add 1 teaspoon of sugar. Then serve. 

Enjoy eating this authentic Filipino dish with a twist.

Love this Kirkland Signature Milk Chocolate Almonds

What I love in chocolates is the mild milky taste of it, so when I had a bite of this Kirkland Signature Milk Chocolate Almonds, I was really satisfied of its taste and texture. The chocolate melts into your mouth and what is left is the crunchy almond. Its sweetness is just right that you will not suffer from sore throat after you have some. A piece of this Kirkland chocolate is not enough for chocolate lovers because you will sure to crave more of it. So, when we had this 1.36 kg. jar of Kirkland chocolate, its like we are living in a house filled with chocolates (just for exaggeration.. haha).

Chocolates are often used to impress your beloved especially girls, I am sure a jar of this chocolate brand will bring out the hearty smile on her. Aside from this romantic benefit, there are considerably a number of health advantages of chocolates: 1. chocolates are great antioxidant – for those who are aiming to maintain the youthful glow, be sure to have a bite of chocolate everyday, 2. it reduces cholesterol level – because of the plant sterols and cocoa flavanols content of chocolate, the cholesterol level in a human body can be lowered, 3. it may also prevent memory loss – as they say, drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day will produce a healthier blood flow, 4. it may also reduce risk of heart disease – as chocolates aid in proper blood flow to human body, the cardiovascular system will also be benefited by the flow of healthier blood thus reducing heart disease, and 5. it will prevent stoke – with proper intake of chocolates in the body, stroke which is one of the main causes of death will be prevented.

It’s okay to take chocolates a day, as long as you are more responsible enough to monitor it for you not to exceed your normal and allowed intake. 

Enfakid A+ to Enfagrow A+ Kid

Mead Johnson changes Enfakid A+ to Enfagrow A+ Kid. My son has been using Mead Johnson’s products since birth from Enfalac A+ to Enfapro A+ to Enfagrow A+ and then Enfakid A+. I can say that until now we trust Mead Johnson’s milk for our son. Our son seldom gets sick and is obviously healthy. Although the price of these milk is somewhat higher than the others, what is important is that we are giving the best milk which offers a lot of nutrients for our son. And whatever be Enfakid’s name today, still we will continue to patronize it.

Be Clean and Fresh by Priva Intimate Wash by PH Care

There are a lot of things to consider in being a woman. Many chores to attend to, many problems to solve, many decision to think of, but after all these women should maintain the beauty one must possess. And being clean should be one of the first things to consider. That is why, PH Care is introducing its new product the Priva Intimate Wash. And since I am a bit obsess in attaining a fair complexion, I chose to buy Priva Intimate Wash Skin Lightening and Cooling. I can stay clean, cool and fresh all day with this plus my intimate area will lighten after few days. Other than the Skin Lightening and Cooling, Priva by PH Care is also offering the Skin Firming and Cooling. Maybe after I try the former, I will also try Priva Skin Firming and Cooling. Actually, I am confident that I will have positive result in my skin. Girls, hurry grab one now!!!

Advantages of Debit and Credit Cards

Nowadays, it is a big no to be carrying bulk money on the bag. So what we should always have with you when shopping is your debit and credit card. Personally, I feel so safe when I have my debit and credit cards with me. I prefer to use most often my credit card rather than my debit card. My debit card is like a rescue card when my expenditures exceeded my allowed credit line. That’s how I use my ATM card.

But what are the advantages of having a credit card? Credit card can cause you so much trouble if you don’t know how to use it. I’m still a newbie when it comes to using this card but I would say in my four years as a holder, I have been more careful and wise in using my card. Most of our purchases are paid using credit card by this I can keep track my expenses. And you should take note of the two important dates: the statement date and the due date. The statement date serves as a cut-off date until what purchases are included to be paid on due date. And of course, the due date is the date when you will pay on or before the stated date to avoid penalty charges. What my husband and I are doing is that, we pay ALL our purchases or that appearing in our statement before due date leaving a zero balance in our payables unless you availed of 6-month or 12-month zero percent interest installment plan that you only have to pay the monthly amortization. And by this, we earned points from our credit card that can be redeemed for corresponding items and other perks.

One must not be scared of using his debit and credit cards, he should only be afraid if he doesn’t have the means to pay and maintain these cards. 

Must-try: Avenue Plaza Hotel’s Ensaymada

Other than sweet cakes, I love the ensaymada given to us last Christmas day. Made by one of the leading hotels in Naga City, the Avenue Plaza Hotel. It is really a must-try. Ensaymada is a bread usually with butter and sugar on top, but what’s with Avenue’s is that they filled it with lot of grated cheese on top. As in overflowing with cheese. They topped their ensaymada with sugary butter and the bountiful cheese. I’m sure, those of you who are cheese lovers would love to have a bite of Avenue Plaza Hotel’s Ensaymada. A box consists of 1 dozen but in my picture below only 11 pieces were left, and see that little boy, he’s the one responsible for the loss of 1 piece. Dominic loves these ensaymadas, he’s like a little mouse who craves so much for cheese. ;)

the beginning ♡♥♡

13 years ago at exactly 5:30 in the morning, similar weather but in a different place, I received a call from my then close friend affirming his deep admiration on me. Lucky he was that I was also attracted on him. And there it all begun our blossoming love. So, we made the 24th day of December as our anniversary even if it was only the beginning.

It’s been 13 years and we both know that there are still many things that we need to know about each other. What is important is that we still look back on the days that our love begins to blosssom and why we chose to love the person.

It’s been 13 years, and still have a lifetime to be together, to laugh, live and love. I love you before and will love you forever. Happy bf-gf anniversary!!!♥♡♥

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