Pink Friday: Pink Piggy

Am I already late for Pink Friday? Anyways, my entry for today is my son’s pink musical piggy bank. He loves playing with this piggy bank because he’s fond on listening to music so he dances whenever the pig sings.

Happy Pink Friday everyone!!


  1. Nice piggy bank my sound pa .. It’s good at his early age he has that one na 🙂 Happy Pf!

  2. ang cute naman ng piggy bank nya…at may music pa hehe. Happy PF.

  3. it’s so cute, parang gus2 ko bumili like this a blue one for my lil boy

    happy pf

    here’s my entry

  4. That is so cute, my burritos have some at home.. will share it next time.

  5. oh I hope I can find this one in dept store here…it is really cute…

    please visit My Entry 🙂 too 🙂

  6. ang cute naman ng toy nya…double purpose pa 🙂

    here’s my pink entry:

  7. What a very nice piggy bank, my entry for PF is here SAHM’s Online Diary, BTW visiting you here too from Bloggers Exchange I hope you can visit me back, thanks!

  8. That’s really cute! We should always teach kids to save while they’re still young. Mine is up – My Pink Entry

  9. No you are not late, I am haha! That’s a cute piggy back! Hope you too can visit my PF post .Please also visit my other blogs:

  10. that’s really nice, cute toy…great for little ones! PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a blessed Sunday!

  11. cute piggy bank!

  12. Awwww that’s a cute pink piggy bank! Sorry for the delayed visit. Here’s my Pink Fridays entry. Happy PF! ^_^

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  13. naalala ko yung isang episode sa Doraemon ata…it does something while you drop a coin…

    PF64 #13
    So The Moral Of The Story

  14. Hala, napuno na Mommy! Richness na kaayo ka! I just boghut a counting bank for my daughter ba. Lingaw kaayo sya kay maihap jud ang every coin nga masulod. You might be interested on it. Nice baya sya. Late visit for PF as I’m still trying to get back to my normal blogging mode caused by our recent move. Thanks for dropping by at mine! If you haven’t yet, you are welcome to visit, too!

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