After 3-Day Sale at SM City Naga

As expected, SM City Naga’s 3-Day Sale from May 4 – 6 was a sure hit. In fact I even managed to shop everyday from day 1 to day 3. What a relief to reach the counter after waiting for quite a long time as compared to regular shopping paying time. Anyway, SM still owns the crown when it comes to big sales such as this. I even told my husband, that I like the festive mood at the mall during 3-day sale. Mixed emotions can be seen to shoppers from all walks of life. Some are happy because of the discounts that they got, while some are sad due to a bit huge amount of money to spend for their purchases.

I was so busy shopping then falling in line that I forgot to take a photo of the shopping rush. I only got this photo to share with you.

I took this photo from the roofdeck of SM City Naga, featuring what to see at the back view of SM. Actually it was our first time to park at the roofdeck. Due to the heavy rush of vehicles, my son’s dream to reach and see what SM City Naga’s roofdeck looks like came to reality. He was so amazed and pointed to the helipad from afar and said that SM made that helipad for the incumbent Vice President of the Philippines. Very patriotic for an 8-year-old true Bicolano. 😊😊😊

Just Sharing: Our Experience on SM’s 3-day Sale

3-day Sale at selected SM Stores nationwide – SM City Naga is included in this big sale. The sale is for the period of May 15 to 17. And before May 15, we went to SM City Naga to get things that we want have them reserved for the 2-hour special shopping that gives additional 10% discount to those loyal customers who have SM Advantage card, SM Prestige Card and BDO Rewards Card. Just this morning of May 15, people rushed to SM to shop and avail of the 2-hour special discount. We were welcomed by slightly congested traffic and mammoth of shoppers. It was already 11:00 in the morning and only 1 hour was left for the 2-hour special which will end at exactly 12 noon. We were dismayed by the length of time that we spent falling in line, waiting for our turn in the cashier to pay our merchandise. We reached the counter at past 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We spent 3 hours of waiting to reach an approximately 12 to 15 meters distance from the counter. What a waste of time and effort. JUST SHARING!