50th Year of Atlantic Bakery

January 12, 2016.    Just this morning, I noticed that our loaf bread is packed differently. So I take a look of it, and was surprised then amazed that Bicolandia’s famous bakery, Atlantic Bakery, is celebrating its 50th year this 2016. I grew up eating Atlantic Bakery’s breads. In fact, my father would usually asked me to buy hot ‘pandesal’ from Atlantic even up to his remaining years. And now that I have a family of my own, we prefer to have breads freshly baked by Atlantic served on our table. That’s how we patronize Atlantic.

                                                        Atlantic Bakery’s sliced bread

Atlantic Bakery’s main store is still located at Dinaga St. near Naga City People’s Mall. Accessibility to consumers and tasty breads made them reach 50 years. They now have bakeries situated on strategic places where customers are present. I saw early market goers from far flung areas buy bulk of breads from Atlantic and sell them to their neighbors. They trusted the quality of breads that Atlantic offers and that keeps them from coming back day by day.

What do I like with my hot ‘pandesal’ Atlantic bread? I put some cheese spread and egg on it. Yummy!!! Actually, if I don’t have any to put on it, I just dipped it on my hot drinks and I am satisfied. Even my 5-year-old son loves it. He knows where Atlantic Bakery is and I know that he will pass it on to the next generation.

Congratulations and more success Atlantic Bakery!!! 😉