The Real Don Fajardo

You often see him on his usual formal office attire, wearing a simple smile on his a bit serious face. But who really is Mr. Don Fajardo? 

Look at this photo below. He was busy taking a picture of our son on top of the slide without even minding that he is still wearing his formal office wear. He didn’t care if others are looking at him just to get a beautiful shot of his son on a slide.

Don can also look and act like a child sometimes. Having a yellow balloon on his hand while making a peace sign on the other. It just goes to show that even a totally focused banker can also look silly sometimes. 

This is the best part. Have you seen him sing and dance? Well, with his moves and voice, you will realize that life is more colorful when you love music. Just see how the music makes Mr. Fajardo groove. 


Those are some things to know the real Don Fajardo. I am sharing this to you, to see the other sides of him. 

For Dominic and me, he is the best father in the galaxy. And we love him larger than life. 

Happy 37th birthday Nanie!😘


Permission to post Nanie, I just want to let the whole world know how good the real Don Fajardo is. 😘

Update: May 14, 2018 10:00 p.m.

We had an early birthday salubong today because my co-organizer, Dominic, is already sleepy. And looking at our photos taken, I realized that there’s still one thing that Don is good at, TAKING SELFIES. The absence of a selfie stick is not an issue to us as long as he is around, we can make selfies and even groupies anytime. 😊


I Caught A Heartthrob: Happy 34th Birthday Nanie!!!

I caught a heartthrob. And it is not easy to capture one. I guess it is just so rare to catch one.

Please give this moment to me my dear readers because it is my handsome husband’s 34th birthday. Pardon my flowery and extremely adoring words for my husband because he deserves to hear it on his special day.

HEARTTHROB – this highly fascinating descriptive word for a man was the one that I heard during my first years in High School. I don’t know who he was then, and not any chance did we meet then. Then we reached our Mid High School years, our paths crossed but I guess Cupid was sleeping then that he let us walked on separate ways. Years passed, friendship blossomed, and then I realized that the heartthrob that the girls adored before is really someone to adore to.

I’m sorry girls, I already caught him. And he is indeed a good catch. If you are to ask me why, I’ll just keep it to myself because I don’t want him to be stolen from me. Hahahaha… Kidding aside, I have been with this wonderful man for years now and I guess I saw the best and the worst of him. And until now, I am thankful that he is my husband. Happy birthday Nanie! Dominic and I love you so much.


By the way, it took me several minutes looking for a solo picture of Nanie that I am going to make for this post. And guess what, most of the pictures are of our son’s. Maybe this is it, the heartthrob before is being replaced by a new one. Hahaha… Anyway don’t worry Nanie, you still reign as my number 1 heartthrob.

Happy 33rd Birthday Nanie!!! (The Red Pen)

I met this handsome birthday boy during our High School years. We were on the same school, of same year level but of different section. During our 3rd year in H/S, we are obliged to bring everyday a RED BALLPEN  for our English Class. I just can’t remember why are we bringing a red pen every single school days. Please help me recall my reader batch mates. LOL. And every time I forgot to bring with me my red pen, what I did is to go to the next classroom and borrow one on the handsome guy seated near the door. And the same borrowing and lending of red pen situation happened for several times, and guess what, we didn’t get the chance to exchange thoughts other  than the red pen topic until we reached our 4th year wherein officially we became classmates and the rest is history.

Thank you red pen, I bumped in to the man whom I will love for the rest of my life. Dominic and I love you very much Nanie.. Happy 33rd Birthday Nanie!!! Let’s paint the town RED!!! Cheers!!!

my pre-birthday celebration

In less than an hour, I’m officially 32 years old. Since today is declared as a special non-working holiday, we decided to celebrate my birthday this day. Eventhough, our country is still saddened by what happened in the Visayas Area, still, I have to thank God for giving me these years of stay on earth through a simple celebration with my family. I just hope my sisters and their families are here, so as my brother-in-law’s family are here too to celebrate with me on my special day. Anyway, I am thankful and grateful for everything that happens in my life despite all the odds and trials. Life must go on, let’s celebrate life. Here are some of our photos:







Photo Memories: Don’s 32nd Birthday Celebration

Last May 15, 2013, my husband celebrated his 32nd birthday. Here are our pictures. 🙂


me and my husband



The birthday boy!!!



the gifts 🙂

SAM_6816 SAM_6817 SAM_6818 SAM_6819 SAM_6820

The First Birthday of my First Born

January 16, 2011 marked the Big Day for my son, Dominic, because he turned one (1). I never expected it to be that fun. The weather then was uncooperative, I have to call a number of guests because of my fear that the party will go to waste.
The party was held at Mc Donalds City Plaza.
Of course my son is not yet aware on what was happening during that day, he even fell asleep, still we want to give him a birthday bash that will surely makes him happy for the coming years.
But we were surpised when the kids arrived, the emcee even congratulated us by the kids’ attendance because they still arrived considering the bad weather during that day. Definitely, kids also adults enjoy the party as seen on their smiles & gestures.
My husband and I were very thakful that Dominic’s 1st Birthday Celebration was a success. Thank you Mc Donalds, thank you everyone!!!