Kid’s Corner: Dominic with his Tooth Fairy

Dominic is a very energetic kid. He loves talking to people and asking their opinions in everything that pops out of his curious mind. So, when it is time for us to take him to the dentist, as expected many questions were raised by our little big boy. I know he is worried, nervous perhaps, but he still managed to listen into every word that we say why he should visit a dentist. Now that he is already 5 years of age, his permanent teeth are beginning to show up but his milk teeth are still in place. So we decided to bring him to the dentist to remove his milk teeth which are now causing deformation on the new ones.

Here is how Dominic looks like waiting for his turn. He posed a bit but I can still that he is afraid of what will happen to him in the next minutes. He has to be brave to face his Tooth Fairy.

Dra. Carbonell introduced herself to my young man. She inflated 2 gloves to become balloons, just to make my son feel more relaxed. After a brief entertainment made by his dentist, he decided to have the procedure take place. In less than a minute, his tooth was removed. What a relief to see that my son didn’t cry for pain. He just asked a glass of water for him to gargle and spit the blood. Thank God! I have a brave son. See how contented he was after the procedure. I took a photo of him and his Tooth Fairy to serve as a remembrance of my son’s bravery.

And as promised, he had his ice cream after the visit. I can see in Dominic’s smile, that after a stressful moment, it is very rewarding to have a spoonful of ice cream on his mouth.

It is our obligation as parents to have our child’s teeth checked to avoid tooth decay. Take good care of your child’s teeth because he will thank you in the future to see his strong teeth.