The Real Don Fajardo

You often see him on his usual formal office attire, wearing a simple smile on his a bit serious face. But who really is Mr. Don Fajardo? 

Look at this photo below. He was busy taking a picture of our son on top of the slide without even minding that he is still wearing his formal office wear. He didn’t care if others are looking at him just to get a beautiful shot of his son on a slide.

Don can also look and act like a child sometimes. Having a yellow balloon on his hand while making a peace sign on the other. It just goes to show that even a totally focused banker can also look silly sometimes. 

This is the best part. Have you seen him sing and dance? Well, with his moves and voice, you will realize that life is more colorful when you love music. Just see how the music makes Mr. Fajardo groove. 


Those are some things to know the real Don Fajardo. I am sharing this to you, to see the other sides of him. 

For Dominic and me, he is the best father in the galaxy. And we love him larger than life. 

Happy 37th birthday Nanie!😘


Permission to post Nanie, I just want to let the whole world know how good the real Don Fajardo is. 😘

Update: May 14, 2018 10:00 p.m.

We had an early birthday salubong today because my co-organizer, Dominic, is already sleepy. And looking at our photos taken, I realized that there’s still one thing that Don is good at, TAKING SELFIES. The absence of a selfie stick is not an issue to us as long as he is around, we can make selfies and even groupies anytime. 😊


Don in Purple with a Turtle

I love the smile on my husband’s face. It seems like he had never hold a turtle before or maybe it’s the weight of the turtle which is making him grin like that.

This turtle was immediately released after they pose for some pictures with it. On my husband’s next visit to Catanduanes, I just hope will not see him holding a baby shark. (chuckles)