What’s New: Jack ‘n Jill Chippy Twisters

What’s New? I guess all of us have already tasted Jack ‘n Jill Chippy. Said corn chips has been in the in the food industry for years. But check this out, they Jack ‘n Jill Chippy has a new twist, a new taste, introducing Jack ‘n Jill Chippy Twisters!!! It is a flavored-corn chips with the taste of lemon and cheese. If you are wondering how does it taste, well, its delicious and you can savor the citric taste of lemon in every bite. And don’t forget that it also taste cheesy. With regards to its texture, it is easy to bite. Once opened, the chips remained on its twisted shape. It is easy to grab a handful of this because of the shape.

Chippy Twisters

I know for a fact that it is not advisable to eat junk foods, but just to satisfy my cravings, I treat myself with moderate amount of these foods. I just drink a lot of water after eating such. If you want to try this newest offer from Jack ‘n Jill, go to your nearest supermarket and look for Chippy Twisters. Enjoy eating!!!