Kids’ Corner: Dominic Now Drinks Nestle Nido 5+

Nido’s mother’s day advertisement caught our hearts. Seeing how a grandmother loves her granddaughter dearly. That despite of naughty actions made by the kid, she still found goodness in all her actions. My 5-year-old son, Dominic, was a little hooked-up on this TV commercial, and said that he also wants to drink Nido for him to become the best kid that we want him to be. So with a bit of hesitation because Dom will be drinking Nido for the first time, we bought Nido 5+ for him. And luckily he liked it. Oh! Actually he loved it. He drinks milk twice in a day, one if before going to bed and the second one during breakfasts.

Adding to our recent interests over Nestle Nido is their newest celebrity endorser, Kristine Hermosa. We seldom see Kristine on TV, and seeing her on Nido Fortified commercial, make us happy because she has remained beautiful and classy. By any chance that she decided to return on films and TV shows, we, as her fans will really be jumping for joy. Thank you Nido for making Kristine and her son as your newest ambassadors.

From then on, we usually buy 1.2 kg of Nestle Nido 5+ to complete our son’s nutritional needs. We want the best for our son, so we are giving him the right milk for him. Give your child Nestle Nido and see his smile every time he drinks it.

Disclosure: This post is not affiliated with the above-mentioned product. Thank you. 😉