Petron Collectibles Limited Edition: Lamborghini Aventador

Boys will always be boys. And their love for cars is really undeniable. By the way my son looked at the two Lamborghini cars that we game him, his chinky eyes sparkled and his cute lips smiled sweetly, we know that he loved his new collectible cars. And not only that, I saw my husband’s childish interest over the new toys. He acted like a cute little boy and discovered how the thing works. Oh, I love seeing them like that, full of happiness and excitement.

These lovely Lamborghini collectible cars are available at all Petron Gasoline Station. Petron started selling these cars last November 15, 2015 and according to one of the stations, their promo will end only upto December 15, 2015. So, avid collectors of toys and stuffs, are now heading towards their nearest Petron Gas Station for them not to be left out.

We gave our son two Lamborghini cars, color black and white. There are also three more available colors: green, red and orange. The box is designed according to the color of the car. It has an authenticity seal with code (color gold and white) with text Automobili Lamborghini and Official Product Lamborghini as background. The text Petron Collectibles Limited Edition are also written on the black box. The Petron product that is featured in the box is the Petron Blaze 100 Detane Euro 4. At the bottom of the box, the instruction how the car works is shown with pictures.

How the car works (as printed on the box):

  1. Turn on the switch at the bottom.
  2. Touch the driver’s window to hear a start up sound with lights on.
  3. Touch the passenger’s window to hear a reviving sound with lights on.
  4. Touch the windshield and watch it go with acceleration sound and lights on.
  5. Touch the back panel and watch it drift backwards with the screeching sound.

Isn’t it amazing? You can enjoy the car by only touching it. This is another innovation made for toy cars for the enjoyment of kids nowadays. So what are you waiting for, grab one now for your kids and for your would-be-boys as well. 😉