Free GCs from National Bookstore Using PNB Mabuhay Miles

I am excited of what PNB Mabuhay Miles are giving away for their valued clients. Before, I got free Gift Certificate from Robinsons Cinema. I also got free Magnum ice cream. Isn’t it delightful? For now, PNB Mabuhay Miles are offering free Php. 100.00 worth of National Bookstore Gift Certificates for every Php. 2,500.00 single receipt purchase using PNB credit card. 

I redeemed 4 GCs last week. And I am looking forward to how many more GCs I will get for this week. Per information given by the National Bookstore attendant, promo runs until July 2018 if she’s not mistaken which means I can redeem more GCs.

Shopping has always been this exciting when I use PNB Mabuhay Miles. Just use your credit wisely. Happy shopping! 😊